Rescue Dog Buddy Finds New Lease of Life with our Detection Dog Team

Our Japanese knotweed detection dog surveys are proving so popular that we’re already expanding our team with the addition of black Cocker Spaniel Buddy, whose exceptional nose for tracking led him straight to his exciting new role!

Buddy belonged to a family who sadly no longer wanted him and he ended up with the rescue charity Spaniel Aid, who noticed his superior sense of smell. Suspecting he would make ideal detection dog material, Spaniel Aid contacted our partners RFA Security, who immediately took him on for training as Environet’s third Japanese knotweed detection dog.

At first Buddy had a habit of escaping and running laps of the training field at hair-raising speed…but all he needed was time and patience and within weeks he passed his training with flying colours. He’s now a fully-fledged member of our surveying team and, along with our existing detection dogs Mick and Mack, is busy sniffing out knotweed for homeowners, buyers and sellers across the country. It’s safe to say Buddy has found his calling in life and absolutely loves his work!

If you’re a homeowner who is worried you might have knotweed, if you’re buying a property that could be affected or you’re a seller and you want to give your home the all clear, give us a call today and arrange for the dogs to visit. We’re so confident in their abilities that we offer a free 5-year insurance-backed guarantee to customers where no knotweed is detected, so in the very unlikely event it should appear, we’ll remediate it for free.



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