Let’s Talk about Japanese Knotweed!

Japanese knotweed is our favourite topic of conversation (no surprise there) and a large part of our work involves speaking at events, seminars and webinars, helping to educate and inform property professionals. This year has got off to a flying start with our Regional Directors travelling the length and breadth of the country delivering seminars to groups of surveyors and legal practices, with plenty more already booked in for the coming months. 

Treatments and best practice are evolving all the time, and our experienced and knowledgeable team can give you all the information you need, as well as the latest thinking around knotweed litigation, mortgage lending and surveying.

In the last few months we’ve spoken at RHS Wisley, The Royal Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, The Guildford Book Festival, The Surrey Horticultural Progress Club and at law firms Howard Kennedy and Timms Solicitors!

Our seminars are tailored specifically to each audience and we can cover everything from the history of Japanese knotweed and its arrival in the UK, through to identification and treatment best practise and the latest legal judgments relating to knotweed encroachment. All attendees of our talks will receive a free copy of our MD Nic Seal's book 'Japanese Knotweed; Unearthing the Truth’, an indispensable guide to the UK’s most invasive plant which lays down the facts and challenges the fiction.

If your organisation would like to host a talk or a round table discussion on the subject of Japanese knotweed, please get in touch with us on 01932 868700 or at expert@environetuk.com


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