Case Studies

Take a look at some of our recent case studies. We have completed countless projects for both homeowners and developers across the UK. Whether it’s Japanese knotweed, bamboo or another invasive plant causing you problems, we have the experience to help 

Japanese knotweed growing out of control on a residential site in Bolton

Resi-Dig-Out™, Bolton

Upon finding out at the start of July that a large bush within his garden was Japanese knotweed, our client instructed Environet to survey the property.
Bamboo rhizome being pulled up from beneath a patio
April 3, 2023
1 minute read

Knutsford, Cheshire

We were instructed to carry out this bamboo removal as our clients had an extensive bamboo problem covering a significant portion of their garden.
Giant Hogweed growing by a river
March 31, 2023
1 minute read

Former Airfield, Essex

Environet has been commissioned to monitor and treat a number of invasive species across this site. One in particular that stands out due to its coverage (both in seed dispersal and media stories) is Giant Hogweed.
Full excavation of bamboo using a machine at the University of Bedfordshire
March 31, 2023
1 minute read

University of Bedfordshire, Bedford

Environet were instructed by the University of Bedfordshire to survey for Bamboo across their sports field and neighbouring properties where encroachment had taken place, and then to provide our recommendations through a Bamboo Management Plan.
close up on bamboo roots
March 31, 2023
1 minute read

Bamboo removal Earley, Reading

Our client Angela Francis, who lives in Earley near Reading, was mis-sold a species of bamboo by her local nursery when she planted an ornamental garden a few years ago, as reported by the Reading Chronicle.
bamboo beneath floor
February 1, 2022
2 minutes read

The worst case of property damage by bamboo we’ve ever seen

A serious case of bamboo encroachment, reported in The Daily Mail and on BBC Radio 4 this week, has resulted in a Hampshire customer’s entire ground floor being dug up and hundreds of metres of bamboo runners excavated from beneath the property, after the plant emerged through the floor in the living room, study, hall and kitchen.
Japanese knotweed rhizome bagged up on a residential site in Suffolk
November 18, 2021
2 minutes read

Resi-Dig-Out, Suffolk

A Customer's Account of our Resi-Dig-Out Service "I asked Environet to help me deal with a Japanese knotweed infestation in the driveway of my property and was very impressed with the service I received from start to finish.
Dig and Dump removal method at a commercial site in West Sussex
February 28, 2017
1 minute read

Dig & Dump, West Sussex

Japanese knotweed was identified on a site our client wished to develop into five housing plots.
Japanese knotweed rhizome excavated from residential garden
February 13, 2017
1 minute read

Resi-Dig-Out™, Runneymede

Our client was looking to sell their property and wanted to have a management plan in place with an insurance backed guarantee, to ensure that the sale would go through smoothly.
Yellow machine to dig out invasive plant on a residential site in Streatham
January 24, 2015
1 minute read

Resi-Dig-Out™, Streatham

A residential developer was renovating and converting a terraced 3 storey residential property in South London into 4/5 flats.
Environet staff member wearing protective PPE whilst treating Japanese knotweed with herbicide
October 6, 2014
1 minute read

Herbicide, Swansea

The South Wales region has long been regarded as a hotspot for Japanese knotweed with some mortgage providers reluctant to lend to properties affected by the plant.
Japanese knotweed growth in a rear garden in Cardiff
December 14, 2016
1 minute read

Resi-Dig-Out™, Cardiff

After struggling to sell his property due to a Japanese knotweed infestation in the garden, our client took his property off the market. Needing the problem dealt with as soon as possible, a physical removal method was recommended
Knowteed growth across a lawn on a site in Thames Valley
July 26, 2016
1 minute read

Resi-Dig-Out™, Thames Valley

A property owner was planning to start work on an extension to the back of his house, when an infestation of Japanese knotweed was discovered in his garden
Japanese knotweed being dug out at a residential site in Highgate
November 23, 2015
1 minute read

Resi-Dig-Out™, Highgate

Our client was planning an extension to his London flat, until his gardener discovered a patch of Japanese knotweed growing in the summer.
Close up view of Japanese knotweed's speckled canes
September 8, 2015
1 minute read

Resi-Dig-Out™, Bath

In the autumn of 2015, Environet were commissioned to help secure the sale of a grand 1920s house on the outskirts of Bath
Japanese knotweed rhizome in a bucket
May 7, 2014
1 minute read

Xtract™, Axminster

A site in Axminster was granted planning for residential development which had a history of Japanese knotweed.
Xtract method being used in Plymouth to get rid of invasive plant
August 13, 2013
1 minute read

Xtract™, Plymouth

Barratt, in association with Plymouth Community Homes has been working on the regeneration of North Prospect in Plymouth.
Xtract method being used to get rid of invasive plant on a residential site in Sheffield
November 27, 2012
1 minute read

Xtract™, Sheffield

A site in Sheffield was being redeveloped into a car park, but there was a problem: Japanese knotweed.
Japanese knotweed growing out of control on a site in Stanmore
July 8, 2011
1 minute read

Herbicide, Stanmore

A herbicide treatment plan was put in place to treat Japanese knotweed which was discovered on site.
Machine excavating invasive plant on a site in Bridgend
December 12, 2016
1 minute read

Excavation & treatment, Bridgend

Our client required Japanese knotweed to be removed from 6 locations across a disused landfill which was being converted to a solar farm
Bag of extracted Japanese knotweed Rhizomes on a site in Folkestone
December 5, 2016
1 minute read

Xtract™, Folkestone

Our client wished to develop a site by building two properties and a driveway.
Digger for knotweed removal
January 16, 2016
1 minute read

Xtract™, Derby

Environet UK Ltd is the preferred knotweed specialist for a rapidly expanding food superstore chain.
Xtract method being used on a site in Putney with machinery and Environet Staff
August 17, 2015
1 minute read

Xtract™, Putney

Our client was looking to redevelop a site which had a large Japanese knotweed infestation.

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