Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal on Development Sites

We help businesses like yours develop on land affected by Japanese knotweed. We provide proven eco-innovative commercial solutions at competitive prices.


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Developers Throughout the UK are Using Environet for Japanese Knotweed Removal

Serious about Removing Japanese Knotweed from your Site?

We're with you, having helped hundreds of clients prepare sites for development over the last 25 Years.

The discovery of Japanese knotweed on a site can cause real concern, and mismanagement of the problem can lead to:

  • delays to development/construction works, and associated increased cost
  • spread of knotweed across the site or onto adjoining land (encroachment) resulting in risk of neighbour dispute and ultimately legal action under private nuisance
  • criminal sanctions under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, by permitting the spread of Japanese knotweed into the wild, or under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part 2 “duty of care” relating to controlled waste
  • problems with land sale or purchase due to nil or low valuations for lending purposes
  • risk of damage to existing or future buildings, hard surfaces, drains etc.

Getting an expert on board in the early stages of a project will save you time and money


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Environet responded to our initial enquiry in an exemplary fashion, by attending site within the timescale provided along with providing us a clear and concise remediation strategy in line with our build programme, ensuring no delays on site which, as developers, is key.

Ethan Ballam, Technical Manager - Devine Homes PLC

The Environet Way

We provide a full range of consulting and contracting services that:

  • Fully remove the knotweed problem
  • Are cost-effective
  • Meet construction programmes without causing delays
  • Avoid the risk of spread and meet all statutory requirements
  • Optimise the value of your land asset

Our experienced on-site teams are able to deliver tailored remediation strategies, including site supervision, screening, stockpiling and off-site disposal, all accompanied by our industry leading insurance-backed guarantees underwritten by an "AA-" rated insurer.

Our Credentials

We have robust systems in place for Environmental and Health & Safety management. Risk assessments are carried out for every aspect of our business to identify situations where harm could be caused. We have an ethos of continuous improvement to eliminate or reduce the risks with detailed working procedures, on-going training and monitoring.

All our staff have health and safety and emergency first aid training. We are also accredited by CHAS and Constructionline and are members of the Property Care Association (PCA).


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Find out more about our Zero-Waste Xtract™ screening solution which can reduce the cost of remediation by as much as 50%.

You may also be eligible for land remediation tax relief, giving you even greater savings.

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Which Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal Method?

It’s important to select the right method from a reliable specialist to have the best chance of success, ensuring the Japanese knotweed is killed off and doesn’t return. Getting it right the first time saves abortive work, delays to construction and cost.


  • Not suited where the ground is to be disturbed
  • Two year treatment programme with annual monitoring visits
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • Least disruptive option


  • Eco-friendly alternative to Dig & Dump for development sites
  • Rhizome separation avoiding the need to consign soils to landfill
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • Removal completed in days
  • Patented and proven
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Stockpile & Treat

  • Excavation, stockpiling and herbicide treatment
  • Stockpiling usually requires a large designated area
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • A low cost option
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Dig & Dump

  • Bulk soil excavation and disposal off site to landfill
  • Considered the method of last resort by the Environment Agency
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • Very expensive
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Soil Screening

Though we mainly deal with Japanese knotweed removal, we can separate larger items such as concrete, rubble, metal plastic, etc. by sifting, riddling and sieving the soil.

Our speciality is extracting small pieces of Japanese knotweed rhizome out of soil.

We're also able to separate larger items such as concrete, blockwork, bricks, rubble, metal plastic, etc. by sifting, riddling and sieving the topsoil and subsoil.

The process creates a fine topsoil stockpile for re-use on site, avoiding the need to pay for both off site disposal and import of clean topsoil material. Also created will be a separate stockpile of larger pieces e.g. concrete, brick, etc. which may be re-usable for engineering purposes, or may need further processing or crushing.

Our extensive experience of soil screening to remove Japanese knotweed can be applied to removing other difficult items, using techniques that rely upon differences in size, shape, density and material type.

Speak to us if you have an application that you think might save you £000s in landfill costs.


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Vegetation Clearance

We have the capability to remove all unwanted vegetation, clearing your garden or site, ready for development.

We're known as Japanese knotweed removal specialists, but what you might not know is that we also have the capability to remove all other unwanted vegetation, preparing your site for development.

Vegetation clearance from small scale residential properties, to large commercial development sites.

Services we offer include:

  • Brush-cutting
  • Shredding & chipping
  • Tree removal
  • Excavator ground rake for root removal
  • Herbicide treatment
  • Off-site disposal
  • Ecologial clerk of works
  • Big or little machines, depending on site size


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