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Seeking expert guidance on Japanese Knotweed and invasive plant management? Look no further! As seasoned consultants, we specialise in providing professional advice tailored to property professionals. Let us navigate the complexities for you with our range of consultancy services.

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Invasive Species Management Plans

When planning a development, most sites will require Phase II Habit surveys that will identify species of concern ahead of development. Following that survey, you will need a specific Management Plan to ensure that Non-Native Invasive Species (INNS) are correctly dealt with to prevent them from further spread. An INNS Management Plan will help you mitigate the risks and identify sensible management options tailored to your development. 

The devil is in the detail, so it’s imperative to know what species of plant you are dealing with, the maturity, extent and condition of the underground rhizome or root system, and the ground conditions in which it is growing. Armed with this information a management or remediation plan can be devised that has the highest chance of success. 

Identification of invasives including knotweed varieties and hybrids
Visual site surveys to assess & map extent of infestations and site conditions
Intrusive investigation to assess lateral and vertical spread of rhizome systems

Remediation Consultancy

There are a range of options for tackling invasive plants, with vastly differing costs and timescales. Delivering an effective strategy for invasive plant removal requires careful planning and consideration of numerous factors. All too often, we have received requests for quotations where the brief  is massively over-engineered, or  worse, will never meet the future land use requirements. 

Invasive plant remediation requires a comprehensive strategy tailored to various factors for optimal outcomes. At Environet, we have over 25 years of commercial consultancy under our belts, and will always consider the project as a whole.

Considering the former land use is crucial as it provides insights into potential sources of invasive species and the extent of their spread. Soil conditions also play a pivotal role in determining the success of remediation efforts, as different plants thrive in different soil types, affecting the volumes of impacted material.

Future land use must be carefully evaluated to ensure that the chosen remediation method aligns with the intended purpose of the land. Additionally, development timescale is essential to consider, as some remediation methods may take longer to implement or yield results than others.

Lastly, the client’s budget is a critical factor that influences the feasibility of different remediation options. By integrating these factors, a tailored approach can be devised to effectively address invasive plant infestations while optimising resources and achieving sustainable outcomes.

We can provide specifications for you to obtain competitive tenders and we can review and advise on tender returns.

Remediation strategies for development sites
Soil testing (for reuse or disposal)
Biosecurity Management Plans
Tender Specifications
Cost Estimation & Tender analysis

Legal Expert Witness

In the UK, legal expert witnesses specialising in Japanese knotweed play a vital role in resolving disputes related to the presence and management of this highly invasive plant species. These experts possess in-depth knowledge of Japanese knotweed biology, ecology, and control methods, as well as a thorough understanding of relevant legislation and case law.

Whether it’s a claim for misrepresentation, encroachment in private nuisance, or professional negligence we can provide expert opinion, either as a single or joint expert, for the claimant or defendant.

Case review and pre-litigation reports
CPR 35 compliant reports for knotweed litigation
Expert witness court hearings


Over the last 25 years, we have built many relationships with knowledgable experts in the field. We will happily put you in touch with other specialists with expertise in knotweed including;

Solicitors and Counsel
Property Valuation Specialists
Tax Consultants (Land Remediation Tax Relief)
CPD notes on paper

Tailored CPD training

We regularly present to Surveyors, Estate Agents, Ecologists, Conveyancing Solicitors, Project Managers, Property Consultants, Architects, and Local Authorities.

Environet’s face-to-face seminars are tailored specifically to the audience and their desired learning outcomes to ensure maximum benefit every time.  Delegates are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session and share their experiences.

Our Seminars can be held at any office/auditorium location with suitable facilities or as part of a wider event.

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At the forefront of eco-innovation, we keep abreast of recent innovations and technology in the fight against Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants like bamboo.


As leading experts, we provide unbiased, professional advice for the management and removal of invasive plants.


Our Japanese knotweed Guarantees are underwritten by an “AA-” rated insurer, providing the highest level of financial security.

We provide Japanese knotweed CPD seminars at client premises and host regular webinars. Get in touch to find out more.

Straight to your inbox, we provide insight and guidance through Beacon, our invasive plant intelligence hub. Sign up to receive them directly to your email for free.

To find out how we can help you and your business

We provide consultancy services on Japanese knotweed. If you are a property professional needing any advice on Japanese knotweed, or any other invasive plant species we are the people to help you.

Reviews from our commercial clients

Emily from Environet delivered a very interesting CPD session for my team where we all learnt more than we expected to. As ecologists we are used to identifying Japanese Knotweed on sites but we weren’t familiar with the methods a client needs to undertake to rid themselves of the problem or the potential knock on effects to other species. The session was very well delivered in an informal manner by a fun yet knowledgeable presenter. I’d recommend this CPD session to other ecologists and other relevant disciplines.”

Jon Garner, Green Ecology

Many thanks for attending our AGM the other week, all of our surveyors found your talk very informative. The presentation was very comprehensive and really helped us learn more about Japanese knotweed, particularly identification techniques. We have had several speakers on this topic over the years but yours really was one of the better ones as you focused more on the identification throughout the year, problems associated with the plant and remediation. Once again thank you for your time. “

Sue Shears MRICS, Bradleys Surveyors

“Everyone found your presentation to be a helpful and informative. Your enthusiasm for the subject also encouraged everyone to get involved and ask questions, benefiting everyone in the room. If we have any questions in the future regarding the identification or management of Japanese Knotweed we will be sure to contact you and the Environet Team.”

Coral - Bidwells - CPD Training Seminar with Luke Walton

Guides and resources


We have robust systems in place for Environmental and Health & Safety management. Risk assessments are carried out for every aspect of our business to identify situations where harm could be caused. We have an ethos of continuous improvement to eliminate or reduce the risks with detailed working procedures, on-going training and monitoring.

All our staff have health and safety and emergency first aid training. We are also accredited by CHAS and Constructionline and are members of the Property Care Association (PCA).


Our team of experts is available between 9am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday to answer your enquiries and advise you on the next steps

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If you already know you have an invasive plant problem, you can request a survey online in less than two minutes by providing a few brief details. A member of the team will swiftly come back to you with further information and our availability.

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Simply upload a few images of your problem plant to our identification form and one of our invasive plant experts will take a look and let you know, free of charge what you are dealing with. We’ll also be there to help with next steps where necessary. 

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