The Plant that Ate Britain

An excellent 6 page article by journalist Matt Rudd on Japanese knotweed entitled “The Plant that Ate Britain” was published in the Sunday Times Magazine on July 13th 2014. It’s worth a read if you want to know more about this highly invasive weed. Download Japanese knotweed - The Plant that Ate Britain

Japanese knotweed encroachment and neighbours

Not only does Japanese knotweed cause damage to property, and interfere with a house sale because a lender won’t lend, it can also create problems with those perfectly nice people next door – your neighbours.

Japanese knotweed disputes and litigation is on the rise as more property owners realise the severity of the knotweed spreading to their property from next door, and how this will affect them.

Does Japanese knotweed really damage property?

“Does Japanese knotweed really cause damage to property, after all it’s only a weed,” is a question we’re often asked. 

Well the truth is yes, it can, if left to grow to maturity. You can see many cases of property damage, where knotweed is growing up through floors, through hard landscaped areas, through driveways, against boundary walls etc. on our new video. 

Environet moves to new HQ

On 29th May 2014 we’ve finally moved to our new 6,500 sq ft premises, located between Guildford and Woking. Our new building provides us with ample new office space, warehousing for all our Japanese knotweed equipment and machinery, and space for us to further our research and development activities.

Environet Celebrates 18 Years in Business

Environet was incorporated on 28th May 1996. That makes it our 18th birthday. Is that something to celebrate? I think so, as it makes us the longest established company specialising solely in the eradication of Japanese knotweed. 

In 18 years we have:

New Japanese knotweed identification video

The awareness of Japanese knotweed seems to be growing as fast as the dreaded plant seems to spread. Japanese knotweed is being spotted all over the country, in gardens, hedgerows, on road sides, canals, rivers, development sites, on the railway, in car parks, I could go on. In fact it might be easier to list the places where it hasn’t yet spread.

Epic new Japanese knotweed film – now out on general release!

Environet Uk Ltd, who lead the fight against knotweed removal, have just released the latest of their videos entitled ‘Commercial. ’ This fine short film covers all aspects of dealing effectively with Japanese knotweed on development land. It also explains why Environet now provide the all important  Guarantees, which are insurance backed by Lloyds of London.  


For more information contact 01932 868700

Knotweed returns and creates anxiety

WANTED – Across most counties and several newspapers –“Japanese knotweed”

It’s back with a vengeance and this time it could be personal.  It’s been seen in gardens and on building land. It’s been in a Matt cartoon on the front page of The Daily Telegraph. It’s probably not very far from wherever you are. Japanese knotweed, Fallopian japonica, is sprouting again, all over the UK in the Spring sunshine, and has been spotted by all the usual suspects:-