Japanese knotweed - The Dreadful Buds of March

Pop Larkin knows spring is in the air when new Japanese knotweed shoots are spotted coming up through ground recently covered in frost. Our Regional Manager in London spotted some knotweed early this week, followed closely by our Regional Manager in the South West, on a site in Devon.

New EU Legislation on Invasive Alien Species like Japanese knotweed

Earlier this week a small a delegation from Environet, myself included,  attended a conference at Portcullis House in Westminster on the new EU Legislation that came into force on January 1st 2015 on invasive alien species (IAS) such as Japanese knotweed. The EU Commission reckons there are some 12,000 alien species in the EU, of which 10-15% are considered invasive, and regulations are now in place (sort of) to limit their spread.

Infrastructure Act 2015 - Legislation reinforces need to tackle Japanese knotweed

The Infrastructure Act 2015 received Royal Assent on 12 February 2015, and gives regulators even greater powers against those landowners unlucky enough to own land affected by invasive species such as Japanese knotweed. Prior to this Act, it was perfectly legal to have invasive species on your land, as long as you didn't allow it to spread to land owned by others.

Educating the nation - Japanese knotweed

Educating the nation on the truth about Japanese knotweed


Japanese knotweed - removal from inaccessible gardens

You might think the bigger the Japanese knotweed infestation the bigger the problem. We can deal with large knotweed affected areas on commercial development sites with our bespoke Xtract machinery. Japanese knotweed removal - not a problem.

Japanese knotweed removal in 2015

Looking ahead – Japanese knotweed solutions: January has just flown by, our busiest ever. Usually at this time of year we use our time to develop new equipment for Japanese knotweed eradication and work on ways to improve our service and train and recruit new staff.

Japanese knotweed - Environet Review 2014

So what did we achieve in the battle against Japanese knotweed in 2014? When I look back, quite a lot. On the general awareness front we launched our new website, on which we have received extremely favourable feedback. We've been featured in national media. We were interviewed for a 6 page article in the Sunday Times colour supplement magazine.

Seminars on knotweed

I am Mr Knotweed Seminar, (though I'm not the only one). If a group of surveyors from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Parliament Square want a 45 minute talk on the dreaded superweed, with help on identification, potential damage and lending issues, I’m usually the man dispatched from Environet’s Knotweed HQ.