Nic Seal

Managing Director

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I always wanted to set up and run my own business. Following a degree in Environmental Science from the University of London and a few years spent working in engineering, I started Environet in 1996. Since then it has grown to become one of the major players in the field of invasive plants, including Japanese knotweed and bamboo, thanks to a very loyal client base and the commitment and dedication of my team who now own the company through an EOT (Employee Ownership Trust) I established in 2020.

Determined to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and ensure we do everything we can to limit the environmental impact of our work, I personally designed and developed our pioneering Xtract™ method and machinery, which continues to be recognised as one of the most environmentally-friendly methods for removing Japanese knotweed on development sites. In 2021 I secured a patent for a method of converting knotweed waste into biochar, a useful soil amendment, which I hope will be used to deal with all the plant waste our business produces within a few years.

I have also written and published a comprehensive guide to Japanese knotweed "Japanese Knotweed - Unearthing the Truth", which takes readers on a detailed exploration of the plant’s extraordinary history, physiology and anatomy, alongside beautiful illustrations – and considers whether it deserves its fierce reputation.

Out of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and our two dogs. I like to keep fit by cycling, walking, sailing and generally messing around on boats!