Stockpile & Treat for Japanese Knotweed Removal

Stockpile & Treat is a cost-effective method for large development sites where knotweed infested soils are present in construction critical areas, and where space allows for temporary stockpiling.

The method involves the physical excavation of all infested soils that contain viable rhizome within construction critical areas.

These soils are then stockpiled in a non-critical area on site, preferably no higher than 500mm thick. Knotweed growth in the stockpile is actively encouraged, ready for subsequent herbicide treatment.

Procedures are put in place to ensure that the knotweed infested soil is not allowed to spread to otherwise clean areas of the site.

How Effective is the Stockpile & Treat Method?

This method can prove very economical, but this method requires large areas of space to be allocated for the stockpile so is not suited to many development sites. The treated stockpile material should remain on site, unless it is consigned off site as potentially knotweed infested.

The thickness of the stockpile can be increased to reduce the space requirement, but this will extend the treatment period using herbicides to more than two growing seasons. So it may be that other methods, such as Xtract™, are better suited.

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