Do you want to protect yourself against the risk of damage being caused by Japanese knotweed to your property post treatment/removal?

Do you want to protect yourself from legal claims made by adjoining owners alleging encroachment of knotweed from your property to theirs?

Japanese knotweed damage

How the Insurance Market can Help

Japanese Knotweed Indemnity Insurance is now available for those properties not known to be affected to provide protection against the future infestation of Japanese knotweed anywhere on the property, and covers:

  • Cost of survey/report by a specialist company
  • Cost of all treatment of regrowth over the insured period
  • Cost of repairs to damage caused by knotweed on the insured property up to a limit of indemnity typically equal to the value of the property
  • Cost of legal defence from claims made by third parties.

For a one off premium the policy covers you and your successors in title for 10 years, and the lender for the duration of the mortgage.

For further details please seek advice from your conveyancing solicitor who can make contact with Countrywide Legal Indemnities, the UK's leading legal indemnity provider.

Alternatively, if you are not in the process of buying or selling the property but would like cover in any case, you can get advice from Grafton Insurance Services.