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We are well-established as the UK’s leading authority on Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants. That’s why we regularly appear on TV, radio and in leading national, regional and industry publications, sharing our data, knowledge and expertise

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This article features case studies relating to bamboo invading properties, as well as some advice from Environet’s Director of Operations Emily Grant.

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Journalist Simon Usborne discusses the current UK Bamboo crisis in the UK with Environet’s Director of Operations Emily Grant.

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In this article, Estate Agent Today discusses the recent Davies v Bridgend ruling, with comments from Nic Seal.

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The Express discusses how homebuyers could be duped into purchasing a property with Japanese knotweed.

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The Mail Online discusses the growing threat of bamboo, utilising our case study in Bristol.

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Drawing upon our case study, Bristol Live discusses a bamboo problem that almost made a first-time buyer pull out of her property transaction.

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Drawing upon Environet’s data, The Express discusses the growing effect of bamboo on property transactions in the UK.

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Using or data and images, Manchester Evening News warns homeowners in the Greater Manchester area about the growing threat from Japanese knotweed.


The Telegraph discusses how 1 in 4 people mistake Japanese knotweed for harmless plants.

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i News explores a costly case of bamboo encroachment that Environet was called to in Kntusford, Chesire.

Daily express logo

The Daily Express highlights Environet founder, Nic Seal’s, warning to homebuyers, when purchasing a property in Winter.

The mirror logo

The Mirror utilises our heatmap to reveal the worst hit city in the UK, and the impact Japanese knotweed can have on homeowners.

The Point of Surveyors

Nic Seal discusses what actions homeowners can take to mitigate the risks posed by Japanese knotweed on adjacent properties.

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Discussing the dangers of Giant Hogweed, Saga Exceptional, draws from the expertise of MD, Nic Seal, to find out how the plant can be identified and managed.

Daily express logo

The Express report on findings from our latest YouGov survey, suggesting that legal cases are on the rise when it comes to declaring Japanese knotweed is present on a property.

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Drawing from our latest YouGov survey, Inside Conveyancing discuss the rise in misrepresentation cases when declaring Japanese knotweed is present on a property.

Mail online logo

The Mail Online - June 2023

MD, Nic Seal offers his expertise and advice on a collated list of the 9 most invasive plant species in the UK.


The Telegraph - May 2023

The Telegraph report on the implications of bamboo encroachment and Environet’s involvement in a case in Cheshire.

The business Magazine logo

The Business Magazine - February 2023

The Business Magazine report on the financial and cultural benefits Environet have enjoyed since we became 100% employee owned in 2020.


Inside Conveyancing - February 2023

Inside Conveyancing celebrate Environet’s turnover doubling since we became an employee owned trust in 2020.

The times logo

The Times - January 2023

One of our customers shares their story of using our services to sell their London home, which had been affected by Japanese knotweed.

Estate Agent Today

The Mirror - January 2023

The Mirror reveals the current hotspots for Japanese knotweed in the UK, based on data collected by our online interactive heatmap, Exposed.

The Express - January 2023

Environet’s MD Nic Seal urges readers of the Express to declare known Japanese knotweed when selling a property, and to seek assurance that a proeprty isn’t affected before definitively stating it is not.

Estate Agent Today media logo

Estate Agent Today - January 2023

Estsate Agent today report on a high profile legal case relating to Japanese knotweed, with comments from Environet’s Nic Seal on the importance of sellers carefully considering responses to the Japanese knotweed question on The Law Society’s TA6 form.

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IEMA.net - January 2022

Nic Seal explains how the UK’s Japanese knotweed problem could present an opportunity for carbon capture through biochar.

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Express Online - February 2022

Gardeners urged to ‘think twice’ before buying bamboo after it causes £100k of damage. A common plant grown by a neighbour caused over £100,000 of damage to a home in Hampshire, leading to the entire ground floor of the property being dug up.

Inside Conveyancing logo

Inside Conveyancing - March 2022

We are featured by Inside Conveyancing in relation to Director, Emily Grant identifying the first knotweed shoots of the year.

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The Sunday Times - May 2022

Environet’s Mat Day speaks to The Sunday Times about us recently tackling an expansive network of bamboo from beneath one of our customer’s homes.

The Sun logo

The Sun - May 2022

The Sun urges readers to use Exposed™, our Japanese knotweed heatmap to see if their properties are in a high-risk area.

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The Times - June 2022

Advice from Environet’s Nic Seal on how to avoid a misrepresentation case when selling property historically affected by Japanese knotweed has been featured in the Home Help section of the Sunday Times.

Estate Agent Today media logo

Estate Agent Today - July 2022

Estate Agent Today warn professionals of the risk new-build buyers face in relation to Japanese knotweed.

Today's conveyancer logo

Today's Conveyancer - August 2022

Today’s Conveyancer alerts conveyancers to the increased risk Environet has identified of undeclared Japanese knotweed appearing post-sale within grounds of new-build property.

Daily Express

The Express - September 2022

The Express share that the results from our new YouGov survey indicate property buyers are far more likely to consider purchasing a property affected by knotweed if it has been physically excavated.

Surrey Live logo

Surrey Live - October 2022

Surrey Live share the Japanese knotweed hotspots in the local area, derived from our heatmap data.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph - November 2022

The Telegraph reports on the costly impact bamboo can have on property transactions, feautiring an interview with some of our recent customers and comments from Environet’s Nic Seal.

Landlord Zone

Landlord Zone - November 2022

Landlord Zone warns landlords that bamboo can be ‘worse’ than Japanese knotweed and advises that it can even scupper sales, acording to Enviroent’s Nic Seal.

Inside conveyancing media logo

Inside Conveyancing - January 2021

Inside Conveyancing examines the stark warning by Environet’s founder and MD; Nic Seal about the risks of not properly investigating for Japanese knotweed on a property you are purchasing.

Estate Agent Today media logo

Estate Agent Today- February 2021

Estate Agent Today delves into the impact the stamp duty holiday may have on sellers and buyers in relation to Japanese Knotweed.

Plymouth live logo

Plymouth Live- March 2021

Plymouth Live issues a warning to locals about Japanese knotweed after a large infestation found along the banks of the River Plym.

The times logo

The Times - April 2021

The Times looks at the negative impact of the popular screening plant, bamboo with comments from Environet UK’s Nic Seal.

The Independant logo

The Independent - May 2021

The Independent discusses Environet’s Japanese knotweed heatmap and the worse hit places in the UK.

Horticulture Week logo

Horticulture Week - June 2021

Horticulture Week discusses Environet’s Japanese knotweed detection and removal methods.


The Telegraph - July 2021

The Telegraph explores the cost of invasive species like Japanese knotweed to the UK economy.

The times logo

The Times - August 2021

Environet’s MD Nic Seal answers a concerned homeowner who is struggling with Japanese knotweed encroaching from an adjacent church.


The Telegraph - September 2021

The Telegraph sets out a stark warning on the rise of reported Japanese knotweed cases.

The Negotiator logo

The Negotiator - October 2021

The Negotiator reports on the steep rise in Japanese knotweed legal claims, with comments from Environet’s Nic Seal.

Mail online logo

The Mail Online - November 2021

The Mail Online reports that Japanese knotweed is responsible for shaving £11.8billion off the value of Britain’s property market, with comments from Environet’s Nic Seal.

Envirotec other media logo

Envirotec Magazine - December 2021

We can now harness the carbon scavenging power of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants in biochar, explains Nic Seal, Founder and MD of Environet, a UK specialist in the topic.

The times logo

The Times - January 2020

The Times have published an article researching the issues to be faced by the UK caused by climate change including moths, Japanese knotweed and weevils, with comments from Environet MD Nic Seal.

TechRound logo

TechRound - February 2020

TechRound interview Environet’s Nic Seal about our new eco innovative biochar solution to knotweed disposal and how the reduction of landfill will help fight climate change.

Property Reporter media logo

Property Reporter - March 2020

Property Reporter examine new You Gov research suggesting that the majority of UK homeowners are unaware of the risks of planting bamboo.

Estate Agent Today media logo

Estate Agent Today - April 2020

Environet’s Managing Director Nic Seal writes a guest blog for Estate Agent today, exploring the implications of changes to the TA6 form regarding the disclosure of Japanese knotweed.

Nottingham post media logo

Nottingham Post - May 2020

The Nottingham Post article features our invaluable heatmap – Exposed as it highlights where Japanese knotweed is spreading in Nottinghamshire. The story was also covered on Lincolnshire Live.

Business Leader media logo

Business Leader - September 2020

Business Leader examines the new employee ownership of Environet, who has followed companies such as Richer Sounds and Arup group into the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) model.

Insider media limited logo

Insider Media Ltd - September 2020

Insider Media Ltd looks at the transfer of 100% of Environet’s ownership to it’s employees by Managing Directors Nic and Bertie Seal.

Devon 24/7 media logo

Devon 247 - September 2020

Devon 247 talks to Environet about the growing problem of invasive Bamboo causing neighbour disputes and property damage throughout hot spots in Devon and Cornwall.

Mail online logo

Daily Mail - October 2020

The Daily Mail features our rare Bohemian knotweed case study in Buckinghamshire.

Mail online media logo

Daily Mail - November 2020

The Daily Mail looks at recent results of Environet’s YouGov research into the publics knowledge of Japanese knotweed and the legal implications and possible costs that come with it.

Reading Chronicle

The Reading Chronicle - December 2020

The Reading Chronicle examines the YouGov research in conjunction with Environet UK and the potential financial implications that not declaring Japanese knotweed on a sale could bring.

Mail online media logo

Daily Mail - December 2020

The Daily Mail looks at the position of a homeowner looking to sell her property who has had knotweed encroach from a neighbouring property. With comments from Mark Montaldo of CEL Solicitors and David Hollingworth of L&C Mortgages.

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