We’re not surprised if you’re confused about the various insurance backed guarantees (IBGs) available from different knotweed companies, so we thought the heads-up might help you. The majority of established knotweed companies give some form of guarantee, most promising to retreat any regrowth free of charge during the guarantee period.

Insurance backed guarantees go a step further, by ensuring the guarantee obligation is met even if the treatment company becomes insolvent. All the main banks and lenders will require a treatment programme and IBG on knotweed affected property before they are willing to lend. The IBG has therefore become an essential requirement for any owner of knotweed affected property.

Not all IBGs are the same, providing differing levels of cover and security. Make sure you get what suits you and your property best.

What Makes our Insurance Backed Guarantee Market Leading?

“AA-” Rated Insurer Accepted by all Major Lenders

Our guarantees are underwritten by CLS Property Insight Ltd on behalf of Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch, part of the Munich Re group of companies. Enjoying an S&P AA- rating, you won't find better security than that. It goes without saying that these are accepted by all the major banks and building societies in the UK.

£100,000 Limit of Liability

Cover can be arranged with a limit of liability matching the contract value (starting at £5,000) up to £100,000. Larger values can be obtained subject to insurer approval. Check that the amount of cover offered is adequate.

Cover for Property Damage Resulting from Regrowth option

We offer the option to cover repairs for damage caused to the property and hard-landscaping by knotweed regrowth. The standard cover has a limit of liability at £10,000; greater cover can be provided where required. The majority of IBGs specifically exclude cover for property damage, as do most building’s insurance policies.

Cover Effective in Days – No Delays

Most companies will issue their IBG when the work is complete, often 2 to 3 years or more after instruction.  Our IBG can be issued following our first visit/treatment, subject to receipt of full payment. This means you have certainty that you are fully covered from day 1.

Up to 10 Years' Cover

We can provide guarantees for 5 or 10 years to cover the affected area plus buffer zone, or to cover the entire property. Ask us about our Platinum cover.

No Excess Charges

Unlike many of our competitors, our guarantees have no excess charge, or fee payable for making a claim.


Our IBGs are assignable to new freehold or leasehold owners. If you're buying a property affected by knotweed, make sure the guarantee is transferred into your name before completion.

Minimal Restrictions

Many IBGs contains restrictions, so for example you might find your guarantee becomes invalidated if the ground is disturbed, creating a severe restriction on the amenity value of the property. At Environet, we work closely with you to select the method that allows you to use the land during the guarantee period with no onerous restrictions.