Problems with Bamboo

There are several varieties of bamboo, which can be categorised into the “clumping” and “running” types. Both types have large underground root and rhizome systems. The running types are the most problematic since, as the name suggests, they send out long lateral rhizomes which cause the plant to spread 30ft or more.

  • Legal Disputes - when the plant spreads into adjoining property it can cause disputes and legal action between neighbours
  • Property Damage - don’t underestimate the physical damage bamboo can cause to property, arguably more than the infamous Japanese knotweed due to the extraordinary distance the roots can travel.

How to Get Rid of Bamboo

Attempts to kill bamboo using herbicide are likely to fail, leaving only two practical approaches for those wanting their gardens bamboo free.

If you want to try to get rid of bamboo yourself then you could try the energy depletion method. This involves cutting the canes to ground level before new leaf appears, and repeating the process for many years, in the hope you deplete the energy reserves in the root/rhizome system. In theory, the rhizomes should die off and rot if they are exhausted. In practice you’ll be at it a long time, so may feel it is time to call in the professionals.

At Environet, we’re used to tackling problematic invasive weeds – and a few decades of experience in removing and controlling them means we are well equipped to deal with this garden brute.

We specialise in situations which prove too much of a challenge for homeowners or their gardeners and where guarantees are required. Prices start from £1,200 + VAT.

Professional Bamboo Removal

Our approach is to excavate and remove all of the offending root/rhizome system. For mature stands a lot of soil can be affected, so it’s no easy job. However, we’ve been successfully using a similar method on Japanese knotweed, a far more aggressive and invasive weed, for over 20 years, so for us bamboo removal is relatively straightforward.

Using a tracked excavator we can remove the entire root ball. Sometimes our customers want to retain some of the bamboo to provide useful shelter or privacy from neighbours – for this reason we offer containment and reduction solutions using vertical root barrier membranes to prevent the bamboo spreading into areas where you don’t want it to grow. The lateral runners can then be removed by physical excavation – these can be 30 ft long or more, but don’t worry, we can still remove them.

Despite all best endeavours, it’s possible some rhizome will remain in the ground, which may survive and send news shoots to the surface. These are then physically removed or herbicide treated on a follow up visit.

Bamboo Guarantees

We can offer a complete package which includes all consultancy, labour, materials and a 5 year guarantee, so if you experience any regrowth of bamboo we’ll treat/remove it at no further cost.


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Thanks to you and your wonderful team for removing my bamboo. I’m so pleased to see you were able to remove it with minimal fuss and damage to my garden, and to remove the encroaching bamboo on my neighbour’s property. Such a professional service, thank you.

Trish, Home Owner - Surrey



Bamboo in garden removal before


Bamboo in garden removal after


Bamboo in garden removal after

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