Japanese knotweed with white flowers

Eagle Radio ‘Japanese Knotweed Could Cost you Thousands’ Features Environet

Featured on 2nd October 2016 on Eagle Radio. 

Nic Seal, Managing Director of Environet, was interviewed for Eagle Radio, which aired on Sunday.

Japanese knotweed was of course the topic of discussion. Costing the UK economy £166 million a year to deal with, this invasive plant grows extremely quickly, and if left untreated, can cause property damage. 

There are two main options when dealing with Japanese knotweed: herbicide treatment and physical removal. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, and the best method will depend on your situation. If you would like expert advice on what to do if you discover Japanese knotweed, call Environet today on 01932 868 700.

As well as the radio interview, Environet were also featured in a short article. Find the full article here.

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