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Environet launches ‘Schools Eco-Innovation Awards Scheme’

Environet launches ‘Schools Eco-Innovation Awards Scheme’

Eco Innovation Awards Scheme

We are delighted to launch the new Environet ‘ Schools Eco-Innovation Awards’ Scheme, supported by Kevin McCloud, MBE.

We have sponsored this scheme to encourage children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties to identify a problem and come up with an innovative design solution which improves the environment. The scheme is being piloted at The Moat School, London and will be extended to other schools across the country.

Kevin McCloud endorses Environet awardDyslexics have extremely enquiring minds and their super-intelligence is often masked by their inability to communicate clearly. We want these young children to recognise they have talents that others do not have and encourage them to think of the mind-boggling and brilliant idea we wish we had designed. Their ideas can be presented in video format, designed using computer software or built as an actual prototype.

Environet is an eco-innovative company, having developed the Xtract™ technology for Japanese knotweed removal. If any of the children can design a better way of removing knotweed we will, of course, be delighted, but rest assured, we are looking for ideas across the environmental spectrum.

Nic Seal of Environet introduced and presented the ‘Eco-Innovation Awards’ Scheme at the Moat School last Thursday. He will be deciding a suitable winner around Easter 2016. The project is being supported by Kevin McCloud. “The Schools Eco-Innovation Award is great. Its focus is on promoting a new way of thinking about our environment and ways to harness and protect its valuable resources. There is no better way of addressing this than by tapping into the unique minds and creativity of students.”

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