Everything You Need to Know about Japanese Knotweed

It’s National Read a Book Day this month, so it seems like a good time to highlight the go-to consumer guide to Japanese knotweed written by our very own founder and MD Nic Seal, encapsulating everything he’s learnt in his 25 years of working in the knotweed field.

Japanese Knotweed: Unearthing the Truth provides an easy-to-read overview of the UK’s most aggressive and destructive plant, taking you on a journey back to its origins on the volcanic slopes of Mount Fuji in Japan in a detailed exploration of knotweed’s extraordinary history, physiology and anatomy.

It’s beautifully illustrated with hand-drawn sketches and colour photographs, ensuring that by the time you’ve finished the book you’ll know exactly how to identity knotweed, including its various hybrid varieties. If you’re still unsure though, take a look at our Japanese knotweed identification video or ask one of our experts for help. The book also contains plenty of clear advice about what to do if your property has knotweed, how to get a mortgage - and an overview of the legal framework in the UK which might be useful in relation to cases of encroachment or misrepresentation (when a seller fails to declare a property is affected by knotweed).

Nic explores the positive attributes of Japanese knotweed too, including its medicinal value in treating conditions such as Lyme’s Disease and cardio-vascular disease, as well as its potential as a biomass fuel, culinary ingredient and anti-ageing remedy!

Japanese knotweed is now growing in every six-mile radius in Britain (enter your postcode into our heatmap to find out the number of infestations near you) and costs an estimated £167 million per year to tackle. The more people are aware of the risks, the better, so grab yourself a copy on Amazon and in selected bookshops, priced at £14.99.

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