Nic Seal, Environet Managing Director, Interviewed on BBC Sussex Breakfast Radio Show.

A great end to a week of coverage across the national and regional BBC!

Nic Seal was interviewed, live, on the BBC Sussex Breakfast Radio Show on Friday 28 July 2017. Presenter Neil Pringle conducted the interview. Neil hosts the daily show and takes an active interest in covering the local and national news.

The interview started with a review by BBC Environment Correspondent Yvette Austin of the Environet led news story featured extensively across the BBC media outlets this week.

The interview, conducted live at 7:50am, discusses the reasons behind Environet purchasing the Japanese knotweed infested land in Robertsbridge for R&D purposes. The conversation then goes on to cover the different eradication methods available to property owners. The story is followed up at 8:29am and includes a conversation with a local estate agent covering "material fact" and the issues that can occur during a house sale.

The show is available to listen in its entirety here with the interview starting at 1hr 48m 27s in.

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