Japanese knotweed by railway line

The Telegraph 'Knotweed: The Unstoppable Scourge of British Gardens'

Published on 17th September 2016 in The Telegraph Magazine.

This comprehensive article on Japanese knotweed details how knotweed came to the UK in the mid 1800's, and is now estimated to cost the UK around £166 million to control.

A case we dealt with successfully last year was also featured. Liz Wakeman, a project manager from Bristol, was devastated to discover the presence of Japanese knotweed, which halved the value of the property. Liz was trying to sell the property in South Wales to fund her elderly relative's care. After Environet completed treatment and issued an insurance backed guarantee, underwritten at Lloyd’s, the house sold close to the asking price.  

To read the full Japanese knotweed story in the Telegraph Magazine, please see here.

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