Environet feature in The Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times, Home Experts Feature Includes Advice from Nic Seal, Environet Managing Director.

August sees Environet's exposure in the national media continue!

Nic Seal, Managing Director of Environet, was featured in The Sunday Times "Home" supplement on Sunday August 6.

Each week within Home there is a section called "Home Help" where experts are asked to help the general public with any property related issues they may have.

This week's "Problem of the Week" My Neighbour Has Knotweed, features letters from 2 separate individuals with issues regarding Japanese knotweed. One has knotweed in a garden nearby, the other finds it in his new garden. Nic is called upon to offer his expert advice on the options open to residents, and any legal redress they may have.

The full article can be read here

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