Japanese knotweed damage - growing through house

Does Japanese knotweed really damage property?

“Does Japanese knotweed really cause damage to property, after all it’s only a weed.”

This is a question we’re often asked. 

Well the truth is yes, it can, if left to grow to maturity. You can see many cases of property damage, where knotweed is growing up through floors, through hard landscaped areas, through driveways, against boundary walls etc. on our new video. 

But the truth is also that damage caused by Japanese knotweed is relatively rare, the risk being sensationalised to create a good story in the press, or to scare you into thinking that your property is about to fall victim to this invading terror. Some over-react to the problem, whilst others don’t take it seriously enough.  We therefore thought it would be a good idea to create a short video, (2 min long), to show what sort of damage you can expect from Japanese knotweed if you ignore it.

Watch Japanese knotweed damage on You Tube.  

One of my colleagues was supervising an excavation of knotweed this week and found a drain pipe running through the middle of the knotweed infested area. The pipe was found to be completely blocked with knotweed rhizome. He proceeded to dig out the pipe – it was still blocked with knotweed rhizome 10m from the original knotweed stand. We expect to be digging out the rest soon and we’ll be interested to see how far the rhizome has spread along this pipe. My guess is 20m, but we might never know because the pipe then goes into adjoining property and I don’t think the neighbours will want us to dig up their garden. 

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