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Eco building news: Xtract™ – the eco-friendly way to remove Japanese knotweed

Eco building news: Xtract™ – the eco-friendly way to remove Japanese knotweed

Xtract - Japanese knotweed removal machine

Japanese knotweed is featured in the October/November edition of Eco-Building News. 

The article showcases our unique patented environmentally-friendly removal method – Xtract™. Developed in 2008, Xtract™ has been used across the UK, providing rapid and reliable removal of Japanese knotweed from development and construction sites.

Infested soil is excavated using a 360 track mounted excavator and then processed in the Xtract™ machine. The Xtract™ machine segregates the rhizome material from the soil so that the clean processed soil can be re-used on site. This avoids the financial and environmental cost of consigning vast quantities of knotweed infested material to landfill and avoids the need to import clean fill. The rhizome is bagged up and consigned off site in accordance with “Duty of Care” requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Designed and built solely for the purpose of removing Japanese knotweed rhizome from infested soils, the method takes a matter of days or weeks depending on the volumes, and can be carried out at any time of year, with zero waste to landfill. 

If you have found Japanese knotweed on your site and would like to speak to the experts, call us on 01932 868 700 for advice.

Read the full Japanese knotweed article here.

Robert Spaceman

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