Japanese knotweed

Environet Celebrates 18 Years in Business

Environet was incorporated on 28th May 1996. That makes it our 18th birthday. Is that something to celebrate? I think so, as it makes us the longest established company specialising solely in Japanese knotweed eradication.

In 18 years we have:

  • grown into a leading national company specialising in the guaranteed eradication and removal of Japanese knotweed
  • moved premises 3 times to facilitate growth – we are moving again tomorrow!
  • eradicated Japanese knotweed from thousands of premises – we are currently on job number 3885
  • developed XtractTM, machinery and a method for removing Japanese knotweed in a matter of days without incurring the financial or environmental costs of dig and dump
  • satisfied the world renowned insurers at Lloyd’s to underwrite our guarantees
  • helped develop a legal service with a specialist lawyer to assist with knotweed encroachment issues. 

We’ve achieved this growth organically thanks to our professional motivated team and our loyal customer base.

So how are we going to celebrate? The jury is out but I think we might have a drop or two of resveratrol (an anti oxidant found in red wine and in Japanese knotweed) that is supposed to stop the ageing process. I think I'll give the red wine a go. We might even have a party at our new premises, want to come? When did you last get invited to someone's 18th birthday celebrations?


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