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Find out how close Japanese knotweed is to your home

Find out how close Japanese knotweed is to your home


We’re very excited to launch our new Japanese knotweed tracking tool, Exposed: The Japanese Knotweed Heatmap, which is the only live tool of its kind providing an interactive online heatmap of Japanese knotweed sightings across the UK.

At Environet we’re always thinking of new ways to fight Japanese knotweed, so we’re proud to lead the industry in developing this latest weapon which enables us to build a nationwide picture of the Japanese knotweed problem for the first time.

Since we told the media about Exposed last week, we’ve had blanket press coverage in the regional press, as well as in depth articles in the Mail Online and The Sun, which just goes to show how concerned people are about Japanese knotweed!

If you have ever wondered if your home is under threat, or if you’ve found a property you would like to buy and need to know if there are any knotweed infestations nearby, all you need to do is enter your postcode and Exposed will tell you how many knotweed sightings there are within a 4km radius.

Knotweed hotspots are clearly visible in yellow or red, with areas such as south Wales, Bristol, Manchester and the Isle of Wight particularly badly affected. In Cardiff there are 414 occurrences within a 4km of the city centre, suggesting homeowners and those buying property in the area should be extra vigilant. If you’re worried, you may wish to consider instructing a Japanese knotweed survey to check if the property is directly affected or at risk of encroachment from infestations in the vicinity.

Another option is to purchase a specialist Japanese knotweed indemnity policy which covers you for the cost of treatment, repairs, legal costs arising from any third party claims and any diminution of the property’s value, should knotweed arise.

If you know of a Japanese knotweed infestation, please use the ‘Add sighting’ feature and upload a photograph of the plant from your phone, so we can verify it. Exposed is already well populated, but this is an ongoing project and the more people that report sightings, the more effective it will become!

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