Have you got it?

It’s certainly a question that draws some interesting responses. It affects people across the entire country, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion or trade – and we’re not talking about STDs (or coronavirus for that matter). There’s another unpopular visitor currently affecting over a million households in the UK, and that’s Japanese knotweed.

Even when it’s been treated, knotweed can still knock around 5% off the value of your property, simply because of the fear it strikes into the hearts of home buyers. And though you’re legally obliged to declare if your property is or has been affected by knotweed when you sell, it’s still rare that people want to share the news with their friends and neighbours…

We’re right to be worried about knotweed, but the more people who know about it, the more successful we’ll be in tackling the problem in the UK. Our Japanese knotweed heat map, Exposed, is an important tool in raising awareness, highlighting Japanese knotweed infestations across the UK and encouraging people to help us track its spread by reporting suspicious plants online.

So if you have got it, you know who to call.

Have you got it?! Japanese Knotweed Stigma

Japanese knotweed stigma is real and it can affect the value of your home.

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