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How to choose a Japanese knotweed removal company 

How to choose a Japanese knotweed removal company 

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If you have identified Japanese knotweed on your property, it’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent its spread and potential damage. Hiring a professional removal company is the most effective and responsible way to tackle this invasive plant. It might however be difficult to know who to call as there are hundreds of companies out there, knowing that not all of them are equal. 

Japanese knotweed companies

With so many companies operating in the UK, we thought we’d save you some time by listing the key considerations to help inform your selection:

1.Experience and expertise: 

Look for a removal company with a proven track record in handling Japanese knotweed. Experience matters, as effectively eradicating this plant requires specialised knowledge and techniques. Enquire about their experience in similar projects and look at any existing case studies and reviews online. With over 25 years’ experience, we can vouch for the fact that we have almost seen it all, and no job looks too big for us! 

2.Certifications and licensing: 

Ensure the company holds the necessary certifications and licenses. In the UK, membership of a trade body such as the Property Care Association (PCA)demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards.  

3.Methods and techniques: 

Ask about the removal methods and techniques they use. Reputable companies typically employ a combination of chemical treatment, excavation, and off-site disposal, tailored to the specific  

infestation. Avoid companies that rely solely on one method, as this may not be effective for all situations. Find out more about the tailored treatment and removal options we offer here.

4.Guarantees and insurance coverage: 

Most Japanese knotweed removal companies will offer some form of guarantee on their work, with the commitment to return to treat any newly emerging growth during the guarantee period. As a consumer, you need to make sure that any warranty/guarantee is underwritten by a third-party insurer – and does not rely solely on the contractors PL or PI insurance, thus ensuring that the guaranteed commitment is fulfilled, even in cases where the treatment company faces insolvency. Major banks and lenders require a treatment plan and an insurance-backed guarantee (IBG) for properties with Japanese knotweed before granting a loan, making a solid IBG crucial when it comes to property transactions. Remember that not all IBGs are the same, as they provide different levels of cover and security.  

Environet offers the flexibility to arrange coverage with liability limits that align with the contract value, beginning at £5,000 and extending up to £100,000. Higher coverage limits may be attainable pending approval from the insurer. Make sure you get what suits you and your property best. 

Finally, with regards to liability insurance, verify that the company has an adequate coverage. Removing Japanese knotweed can sometimes involve significant excavation and potential damage to structures, so insurance is crucial in case of accidents or unexpected complications. 

5.Detailed assessment: 

A reliable company should conduct a thorough survey to evaluate the extent of the infestation. They should provide a detailed management plan, including a timeline and cost estimate. Be wary of companies that offer quick fixes without a proper assessment. More about our management plan here

6.Environmentally responsible practices: 

Ask about their environmental practices. Responsible removal companies will dispose of Japanese Knotweed waste in an environmentally friendly manner and adhere to all relevant regulations. At Environet, we went above and beyond, with the engineering of our Xtract™ process and the creation of biochar from knotweed. 

7.Knowledge of laws and regulations: 

A company familiar with local regulations and environmental conditions is advantageous. They should be aware of local laws governing Japanese Knotweed removal and disposal. 

8.Cost and contracts: 

Get multiple quotes from different companies and compare them carefully. Be wary of companies that demand full payment upfront. A reputable company will provide a clear contract outlining the scope of work, costs, and payment schedule. 

9.Communication and transparency: 

Effective communication is vital. Choose a company that is responsive, transparent, and willing to answer your questions throughout the removal process. 

Do you need help removing your Japanese knotweed? Simply choose Environet by calling us on 01932 868 700. Or by emailing us at [email protected].

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