Japanese knotweed under the canopy of a riverside woodland - can you insure against it growing back?

Can You Insure Against Japanese Knotweed?

Is it possible to insure against Japanese knotweed so that it doesn't cause more headaches?

Japanese knotweed is a beast of a plant to get rid of once it takes root in a property. Homeowners can spend months or even years, as well as large amounts of effort and money, trying to kill it off as it nevertheless continues its relentless advance — above and underground. The risks to the property and the homeowners themselves are all too real.

After long spells battling Japanese knotweed, most people blighted with this non-native species find all their work has been for nothing, and it's time to get in the professionals. It's the only real option to get rid of the problem once and for all. But many people wonder if they can insure against Japanese knotweed so that their property is protected against regrowth.

The short answer is: Yes, from insurance firms and Japanese knotweed control companies. But there's a bit more to it than that. A Japanese knotweed eradication company may say they guarantee their work for a certain period, but what guarantee would you have that they'd live up to their word? After all, it's easy for any company to offer a guarantee, but if it's not backed up by something solid like insurance, what good is it?

Risks of Weak Japanese Knotweed Guarantees

After getting in a Japanese knotweed firm to kill off your knotweed and possibly paying them a substantial amount to do so, what happens if the nightmare plant then starts sprouting up again? If the eradication firm has provided a guarantee for their work, that's good, but how willing would they be to carry out further work to get rid of the newly sprouting Japanese knotweed?

If they don't have some form of insurance behind them, they may drag their heels in returning to your property, as it would eat into their revenues. You could then face another battle as you try to get the company to do some more work.  

And what if your Japanese knotweed came back with a vengeance and you called up the eradication firm to make good on their guarantee — only to discover they had gone bust and were no longer around? It's the stuff of sleepless nights, as your Japanese knotweed problem grows by the hour and you may have to start off all over again.

How to Insure Against Japanese Knotweed

Quite simply, when you want to insure against Japanese knotweed, you need the best in the business. Companies like Environet that have been involved in Japanese knotweed removal for many years have a proven track record in killing off infestations of the plant on premises all over the country, developing highly effective techniques and methods.

This means they're trusted by not only their customers but financial institutions providing mortgages and insurance firms that cover all the work that's carried out. Our work is underwritten by by an A-rated insurer and we can arrange cover for up to £100,000, or larger amounts in some cases. Equally importantly, there are no delays with our insurance-backed guarantee, as it comes into effect in just a few days. This compares to what can often be as much as two or three years with other Japanese knotweed eradication firms.

Our premier insurance-backed guarantee provides cover for any future work should Japanese knotweed make a return to a site that we've worked on. It's for a minimum of five years and can be extended up to 10. That’s the kind of solid cover you need to give you ultimate peace of mind in your home, so you can sleep soundly again at night.
Find out more about how you can insure against Japanese knotweed with Environet’s market-leading insurance-backed guarantee. Contact us now and we will be happy to discuss this and your Japanese knotweed problem with you.

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