Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Damages Historic Property in the West Country

One hears lots of horror stories about Japanese knotweed damaging property.

I have to say in 20 years of being in this game I've never seen anything as spectacular as this photo. This is Japanese knotweed growing within an ancient city wall, sandwiched between two adjoining buildings. Knotweed is growing through the valley gutter formed at the top of the wall, and is coming out of the chimney of one of the buildings. Not surprisingly both buildings are suffering very significant damp problems because the valley gutter has been destroyed by the knotweed.

This is a particularly challenging job, but I'm confident the team at Environet have the solution. It's been sprayed and been cut down before by others but that clearly did not work. We've got diggers through buildings in London before to dig out knotweed from inaccessible rear gardens, but I never thought we'd need to start digging from roof level 7m above ground level. We won't be able to get our Xtract™ machine up on the roof to remove the knotweed, but hey ho we love a challenge! We have a plan, and are looking forward to tackling this lofty knotweed.

If you need any further information about our Japanese knotweed removal service, please get in touch.


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