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Japanese knotweed honey and other uses

Japanese knotweed honey and other uses

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Japanese Knotweed for much of the time attracts bad media and scare tactics. But is the plant that bad?

Well, whilst many are actively seeking Japanese knotweed removal methods or filing for civil nuisance, its noteworthy to stop and think how this plant may actually benefit us and contribute back to society.

For example, the knotweed flower is a valuable source of nectar for honeybees, which in turn produces mild-flavoured knotweed honey for beekeepers. Yet, ironically many would suggest the best time for applying herbicides is when the plant is in flower towards the end of summer.

Japanese knotweed contains a concentrated source of resveratrol, the nutritional supplement reported to provide certain health benefits and linked to stem cell research. How different this plant will be viewed if found to be of great medical value. One could imagine the market could move to cultivating fields of Japanese knotweed in return for a bountiful harvest.

Within its native country of Japan, knotweed roots have long been used as a mild laxative in traditional medicinal practices. Useful to remember next time that pizza is sitting in the stomach.

These are just a few uses of the dreaded Japanese knotweed, I’m sure there are more out there, which makes one think just how bad this plant really is?

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