japanese knotweed growing through fence and a greenhouse causing problems securing a mortgage

Fed Up with Japanese Knotweed Mortgage Problems?

Who would have thought a weed could derail your property plans? Fortunately, there's a solution to Japanese knotweed mortgage problems.

For buyers and sellers, it's incredibly frustrating when you think a deal is about to go though only for the sale to be scuppered because of a weed you may never even have heard of. It's an imported species called Japanese knotweed and it's been causing difficulties with mortgages all over the UK.

Depending on the time of year, you might not think Japanese knotweed is even present on a property, or if it is, it's not all that much of a problem. But once growing season gets into full swing, this is one beast of a plant you certainly won't want to mess with. In the summer, it grows like wildfire and, unless swiftly dealt with, will quickly overwhelm everything in its way. This is bad enough, but what's under the ground is even more problematic. It's the deep root network that is the engine behind all the Japanese knotweed mortgage problems people are experiencing today.

To get an idea of just how rapidly Japanese knotweed grows, have a look at this brief time-lapse video:

Urgent Attention Required

Obviously at the time of a potential sale, both parties are eager for the transaction to conclude as soon as possible. But if a surveyor's report to a mortgage provider indicates there's Japanese knotweed on the property, they will more than likely insist it be eradicated before moving ahead with the application. This is one weed that needs your complete focus, or the entire property deal might be at risk of falling through.

It might be tempting to think you can resolve this difficult problem on your own, and easily get rid of the Japanese knotweed growing on a property. More often than not, however, trying to kill of Japanese knotweed yourself amounts to a fool's errand and one that ends up costing vast amounts of time, effort and money, with nothing to show for it but failure.

"The presence of Japanese knotweed or other invasive species might affect the valuation of a property and might be an issue for customers whose property is affected, but who find it difficult to afford treatment costs," says the Council of Mortgage Lenders. This is why most mortgage providers will request that professional extermination be carried out on affected properties.

Your Japanese Knotweed Mortgage Problems Solved

To prevent all these headaches with trying to deal with Japanese knotweed on your own and to meet the requirements of your mortgage lender, it's essential to get expert help. Professional Japanese knotweed eradication firms will deploy a range of measures that kill the weed off for good and ensure it doesn't come back — and even if there's a hint it might be regrowing, will cover further work with an iron-clad guarantee.

It's a relatively small financial outlay that ensures you won't have more Japanese knotweed mortgage problems and can buy the property you're after. With all the effort put in so far into locating your new home, not eradicating Japanese knotweed from a property could mean you have to start all over again. That’s not a prospect any house-hunter would relish.

At Environet, we have spent years perfecting our techniques for the most effective removal of Japanese knotweed. We know that when customers come to us with Japanese knotweed mortgage problems, they need to be solved in a flash so their mortgage is approved. Then they’re all set to move into their lovely new home, without a Japanese knotweed care in the world.

Help and advice about Japanese knotweed mortgage problems is available now from leading eradication company Environet. We are happy to help you identify Japanese knotweed on a property and to advise the best solution for getting rid of the problem for good. Contact Environet today.


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