Detection dog Mack stars on ITV Meridian

If you live in the South of England you might have caught our knotweed detection dog Mack starring in a news feature last week alongside Environet MD Nic Seal, who was interviewed about rising cases of knotweed in the Berkshire area.

Mack was filmed scouting out knotweed in Caversham and showing off his indication skills, as Nic explained how our canine team can help homeowners and buyers who want to check whether a property is affected by the invasive plant.

Watch the interview and see Mack in action on ITV Meridian here.

Reported sightings of knotweed have increased in Berkshire area and most of the UK over the last year, with particular hotspots in Reading, Caversham, Slough, Sunningdale and Newbury.

The plant is now well into its summer growth phase, making it easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure, you can check out our Japanese knotweed identification guide or test your knowledge with our identification quiz!

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