Mick and Mack star on BBC’s The One Show!

If you watched The One Show on BBC1 last night you will have seen two of our canine team members, Mick and Mack the Japanese knotweed detection dogs, who starred on the programme as an exciting new development in the fight against knotweed.

The One Show contacted us a few months ago to say they’d read about our amazing detection dog team, who are helping homeowners and landowners across the country sniff out knotweed, the UKs most invasive plant. They wanted to film them in action and talk to a homeowner they’d helped, so we got to work making it happen with filming and interviews with One Show Presenter Ashley John-Baptiste taking place earlier this summer.

Mick and Mack – never happier than when showing off their skills in front of an adoring crowd (and a TV film crew) – were fitted with GoPro cameras and did a fantastic job surveying a property in Surrey for knotweed on a very hot day in June

The One Show team put the film together beautifully and when it aired last night to an audience of around 5 million people, it helped spread the word about the risks of knotweed and how these amazing dogs can help homeowners and homebuyers.

A property seller is required to confirm whether their property is affected by the plant and those who give false information may face an expensive misrepresentation claim. These dogs help sellers and buyers alike know whether the property has knotweed, including whether it’s lying dormant beneath the ground.

We hope to have a clip of the film to share very soon, but it’s available on iPlayer until 30th September 2022 – just head to six minutes in!

To find out more about our Japanese knotweed detection dog surveys, please get in touch today.

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