Join us for our next webinar for property professionals

Join us for our next webinar for property professionals

We’re looking forward to hosting our next webinar on 21st October 2022 at 10am, aimed at helping property professionals including estate agents, conveyancers and surveyors understand the latest developments relating to Japanese knotweed and its impact on the sale or purchase of residential property. 

Repeated on 14th February 2023, the webinar will cover common issues arising from the presence of Japanese knotweed when buying or selling property and how to deal with them - plus important clarification on the recently revised RICS Guidance. 

In January this year, RICS published a new Guidance Note, Japanese Knotweed: Guidance for Professional Valuers and Surveyors, replacing the previous Information Paper. The new guidance scrapped the ‘7 metre rule’ in favour of a more nuanced approach and placed an increased focus on control methods of treating knotweed, such as herbicide treatments. This event will help property professionals apply the guidance to everyday situations, avoid common pitfalls and keep property transactions on track. 

The webinar will be led by Environet director Mat Day, a leading expert in invasive plants who is regularly called upon as an Expert Witness in legal cases relating to knotweed misrepresentation, negligence and encroachment. 

An open Q&A session at the end will answer participants’ specific questions, with every registered attendee receiving a full delegate pack along with a copy of our founder Nic Seal’s book Japanese Knotweed: Unearthing the Truth

Places are filling up fast, so sign up today.

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