Japanese knotweed identification

New Japanese Knotweed Identification Video

The awareness of Japanese knotweed seems to be growing as fast as the dreaded plant seems to spread. Japanese knotweed is being spotted all over the country, in gardens, hedgerows, on road sides, canals, rivers, development sites, on the railway, in car parks, I could go on. In fact it might be easier to list the places where it hasn’t yet spread. 

Japanese knotweed commercial film

Epic New Japanese Knotweed Film – Now out on General Release!

Environet Uk Ltd, who lead the fight against knotweed removal, have just released the latest of their videos entitled ‘Commercial. ’ This fine short film covers all aspects of dealing effectively with Japanese knotweed on development land. It also explains why Environet now provide the all important Guarantees, which are insurance backed by Lloyd's of London.