Jason Collins with Mick

Five minutes with… Jason Collins, Operations Manager at RFA Security

This week we sat down for a chat with Jason Collins of RFA Security, our detection dog partners, to find out more about what makes a good detection dog.

Jason is a NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) Approved Instructor and the dedicated handler for Environet’s Japanese knotweed sniffer dogs Mick and Mack. This means he cares for them, is responsible for all their handling and training and of course gives them plenty of love and affection too!

Which breeds usually make the best sniffer dogs?

Residential knotweed encroachment

Japanese knotweed flourishes in warm spring

We were quoted in a leading news story in The Times at the end of May urging homeowners to scan their gardens for Japanese knotweed, as the change of season and warm weather creates “super growth” conditions. We estimate around 1 million UK properties are affected, each suffering a drop in value of up to 10% as a direct result of the plant’s presence and the stigma associated with it.