Hungry red pandas at Drusillas Park enjoy bamboo takeaway!

Mulan and Maja, red pandas from Drusillas Park near Alfriston in East Sussex, have enjoyed a free bamboo supper after our team were called in to excavate invasive bamboo from the garden of a nearby property.

Several kilos of fresh bamboo were transported straight to the family-run Park within an hour of being cut, ensuring the plant arrived fresh and fragrant for the discerning pandas who each consume up to two kilos per day – up to 20,000 leaves – but will turn their noses up if it’s anything less than freshly chopped!

First Japanese knotweed shoots of 2022 spotted in Plymouth

It’s always a bit of a race to spot the first knotweed shoots of the year, and Emily Grant our regional director for the south west has come up trumps for the second year in a row! The telltale red asparagus-like spears have emerged on the banks of the River Plym in Plymouth, Devon, more than a fortnight earlier than last year, confirming that the UK’s most invasive plant has already begun its spring growth season.