Japanese knotweed takes hold in the lexicon

The English language changes and grows continuously, with some words falling out of use and around 5,000 new ones entering the lexicon every year, according to the Global Language Monitor.

Recent dictionary debutants include ‘Brexit’, a compounding of the two separate words, ‘on-brand’, deriving from the advent of social media and ‘simples’, borne from Aleksandr Orlov, the Russian meerkat of Compare the Market fame.

A very Merry Christmas to all our customers!

It’s been a very busy year at Environet and as Christmas approaches it’s a good time to pause and reflect on the past twelve months and, most importantly, to say a huge thankyou to you, our customers.

We’ve helped more people than ever before in the fight against Japanese knotweed and increasingly invasive bamboo, as awareness grows among the public about the distance bamboo can spread and the damage it can cause to gardens and property.