Cotoneaster is an invasive plant which out competes native plants but can also be further spread by animals eating the berries it produces. Therefore, it is important to control and eradicate Cotoneaster as soon as it is identified, this can be completed via physical removal or herbicide treatment.

Physical removal entails the excavation of the plants and surrounding soils to make sure all plant matter and seeds are removed. This infested soil is then sent to a licensed landfill as controlled waste. We advise that a monitoring programme is put in place on the subject site to check if berries have been dispersed creating new infestations which can then be treated.

Herbicide treatment is less invasive than physical removal and is suitable when time is not a constraint. Herbicide treatment is made up of two treatments taking place in the Summer (June-August), the chemical is mixed with an adjuvant to increase its effectiveness controlling the visible plants within the year. Follow up monitoring visits will need to take place in subsequent years to treat any seeds which germinate post the initial treatments.