Horsetail is an invasive, deep-rooted perennial weed that will spread quickly via the underground rhizome system and via the release of spores in early spring, forming dense carpets of foliage. The emerging plants can cause damage to hard landscaping where mature networks of rhizome are built over and it therefore needs to be managed carefully in the built environment to prevent damage to paths, patios, driveways etc. The impact of horsetail in the built environment should not be underestimated. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to install any hard landscaping over established areas of infestation.

Horsetail can be fully removed by physical excavation, capped or treated with herbicides to control its spread. Physical removal of horsetail entails the full excavation of its root system which can extend to over 2m in depth. We will excavate all the infested soil and plant material and have this sent away to a licensed landfill.

Chemical treatment needs to take place over a number of years to wear down the plant's root system. Herbicide treatment is made difficult by the waxy coating on the plant. We mix our herbicide with an adjuvant to break down the waxy coating to increase the effectiveness of the herbicide. Treatment needs to take place over 2-3 years with two applications made each year in Spring and Summer.