Japanese knotweed removal in the Bristol area

Has your property value been damaged by a Japanese knotweed problem? Need to stop your home or business from being overrun? Environet have helped remove Japanese knotweed from many properties in the Bristol area.

Environet are a Leading Japanese Knotweed Removal Company in Bristol

Professional Japanese knotweed removal is important. This invasive plant spreads very quickly but also grows deep into the ground making it hard to dislodge. Many Japanese knotweed removal companies deal with the above soil problem but fail to get rid of the difficult roots.

This is a huge mistake and can lead to a regrowth in a very short time. We are one of the few Japanese knotweed removal contractors who plan and implement a full removal of this troublesome plant on your property.

At Environet, we deliver the Japanese knotweed services across Bristol that solve your problem once and for all. That’s why we provide a 10-year insurance backed guarantee for our customers. We work on the removal of Japanese knotweed in accordance with environment agency guidelines, ensuring that not just the surface plant but also the roots underneath are removed.

If you are searching for a knotweed company that offers a cast-iron guarantee, contact us today.

knotweed in the countryside

We Offer Guaranteed Japanese Knotweed Treatment in Bristol

When you get a Japanese knotweed treatment for your property, you want to make sure that it works. One of the key factors is to understand when it’s the best time to treat Japanese knotweed. That’s why it’s important to talk to the experts.

Our Japanese knotweed treatment plan includes a 10-year insurance guarantee. We are able to offer this because we have confidence in our processes and the experience of our teams to find the root cause of the problem and treat it effectively.

Japanese knotweed chemical treatment requires a specialist to apply it effectively. That means not only understanding the extent of the damage to your Bristol property and the surrounding area but also being aware of the health and safety issues involved.

Our knotweed herbicide treatment has been used extensively for homes and commercial properties across Bristol with great success. Our aim at Environet is to make sure you have the right knotweed treatment plan for your situation, all backed by our 10-year guarantee.

knotweed emerging on drive

Japanese knotweed control in Bristol

Knotweed control has been an issue in many parts of the UK in recent years and Bristol is no exception. If you check out the heat map below, you’ll see what a problem it continues to be across the region. There are several different approaches used nowadays, from digging up the roots if the location allows to knotweed biological control.

The good news is that Japanese knotweed control methods have developed a lot since the early days. Herbicide knotweed control in lawns is extremely effective but needs an intervention at the earliest opportunity. Japanese knotweed chemical control takes place in two stages – tackling the immediate problem and then ensuring that growth does not recur.

We’ve worked with many homes and businesses in Bristol and the surrounding boroughs to deliver high-quality Japanese knotweed control that really works. If you suspect that you have a problem, then it’s important to talk to the expert team at Environet as soon as possible.

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Japanese knotweed removal near you

DIY Japanese knotweed removal is not advised by the environment agency. That’s because most people don’t understand how this plant works and how hard it is to ensure that all the roots have been destroyed.

Professional Japanese knotweed removal should be the preferred option and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. At Environet, we understand what we are doing and we have access to the right tools for the job. Japanese knotweed removal price can, of course, vary depending on the extent of your infestation – we do, however, have some of the most competitive pricing on the market today.

Commercial Japanese removal often needs further considerations, especially in locations where excavation and other factors are involved. The removal of Japanese knotweed here can make a huge difference to future damage, particularly in areas like construction sites. That’s why it’s important to choose your removal company very carefully.

close up of Bristol on Environet's Exposed Japanese knotweed heatmap

Japanese Knotweed in Bristol

How prevalent is Japanese knotweed in Bristol?

Unfortunately, the city and its surrounding area has had a high number of instances reported in recent years. Our Japanese knotweed UK heat map is a virtual tool you can use to check out your local area. You may be surprised at how widespread the problem is.

The trouble is that Japanese knotweed grows quickly and can easily get a foothold in any location. In built-up urban areas like Bristol, the problem is often magnified. Most people don’t recognise what Japanese knotweed looks like in the first place and it’s only when their garden or business gets overrun that they start to investigate.

By this time the knotweed problem has literally grown deeper into the ground. A professional knotweed removal service is the only way to guarantee success if you want to ensure the infestation doesn’t recur even after extensive digging.

Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal in Bristol

For any business, finding that you have a problem with Japanese knotweed is a big headache. Not only are you liable for getting rid of the infestation on your property but you could be fined if you don’t do it properly. Commercial Japanese knotweed removal is a specialist undertaking and it’s important to work with a company that understands what it is doing and can deliver the right guarantees. Unfortunately, Japanese knotweed is fairly widespread in commercial areas of Bristol.

Whether you are a construction firm building a new property on waste ground that is covered in knotweed or a retail store that finds the surrounding grounds are infested, you need to make the right decisions when hiring a Japanese knotweed removal service.

Environet has a record of tackling knotweed infestations in Bristol. Our experienced team will be able to assess your problem and take the appropriate action. With our 10-year insurance backed guarantee, you can be sure you are getting a Japanese knotweed removal company that knows what it’s doing.

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