Japanese knotweed removal in the Luton area

Is your property being overrun by Japanese knotweed? Environet is the expert team that has helped remove Japanese knotweed from thousands of properties across Luton and the rest of the UK

Environet are a leading Japanese knotweed removal company in Luton

It’s become increasingly important for professional Japanese knotweed removal in areas like Luton. While many Japanese knotweed removal companies handle the weed above ground, they often don’t do anything about the roots.

Environet are Japanese knotweed removal contractors who can plan and complete a full removal strategy for your property.

We offer our full Japanese knotweed services across the whole of Luton and back up our professionalism with a 10-year insurance guarantee. We follow environment agency guidelines for the effective removal of Japanese knotweed and offer the guarantee to both domestic and commercial customers.

Finding a reliable knotweed company is not easy. At Environet, we work hard to give you peace of mind. Contact us today to find out more.

knotweed in flower

We offer guaranteed Japanese knotweed treatment in Luton

Once you’ve decided to get a Japanese knotweed treatment for your property, it really needs to work. The best time to treat Japanese knotweed is as soon as you notice it.

This can be an invasive plant that damages property which is one reason why our Japanese knotweed treatment plan comes with that 10-year insurance guaranteed.

You need expertise to use Japanese knotweed treatment and make sure it works properly. At Environet we don’t underestimate the extent of the infestation on your Luton property. We make sure that every base is covered.

We use the latest knotweed herbicide treatment and back each finished job with our 10-year guarantee for all our Luton customers. That means you can sit back and forget about your Japanese knotweed problem for good.

knotweed overtaking garden

Japanese Knotweed control in Luton

Check out the heat map below and you’ll see what a problem it continues to be across Luton and many other areas of the UK.

We use herbicide knotweed control in lawns and gardens across the region. Our knowledge of Japanese knotweed chemical control means you can quickly have complete peace of mind.

We’ve worked with a whole host of homes and businesses in Luton always delivering high-quality Japanese knotweed control that really works.

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Japanese knotweed removal near me

We advise you not to try DIY Japanese knotweed removal for your home or business. It is not advised. The environment agency say that it’s a bad idea because people rarely get down to the root problem which means you get regrowth fairly quickly.

We’re experienced at professional Japanese knotweed removal and we can guarantee our work. That means you won’t have to worry about another infestation. Our Japanese knotweed removal price is one of the most competitive in and around Luton.

We provide local commercial Japanese knotweed removal too, helping many business avoid damage and future problems that can lead to lawsuits and fines. It’s important to choose a knotweed removal company that really knows what they are doing.

close up of Luton on Environet's Exposed Japanese knotweed heatmap

Japanese knotweed in Luton

There’s plenty of Japanese knotweed in Luton. Check out our Japanese knotweed UK heat map to see what it’s like in your area. It’s a virtual tool that covers the whole of the UK so you can check how you compare to other regions.

There have been a high number of instances reported over the last few years. It’s a plant that thrives in urban locations such as Luton. With the close proximity of properties and a large number of people, it’s easy for the weed to spread naturally.

The problem is that most of the time people don’t recognise that they have problem until it’s deeply embedded. That’s why a professional knotweed removal service is the only route to guarantee a successful removal. We consider all the angles.

Hiring commercial Japanese knotweed removal in Luton

We offer our service to businesses in and around Luton who may have a Japanese knotweed problem. We’ve worked with a wide range of companies helping remove this invasive plant from locations including bars and restaurant grounds, hotels, construction sites as well as general businesses including on industrial estates.

Our commercial Japanese knotweed service also comes with our 10-year guarantee which will give your business complete peace of mind. Whether you’re a local construction firm or a more traditional business with Luton offices, it’s important to build a relationship with a company like Environet.

You never know when you might need our services. Quick and efficient removal of Japanese knotweed ensures you are not liable for the damage it has caused and the costs that can often go with this.

Not all companies offer 10-year insurance guarantee, either when it comes to knotweed removal. If you want to sure you are using a Japanese knotweed removal company that knows what it’s doing contact us today to find out more.

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