Japanese knotweed removal in the Newport area

Are you living with a Japanese knotweed problem that you can’t get rid of? Worried your property is going to be damaged and cost you money. We provide a full service to remove Japanese knotweed from your Newport property

Environet are a leading Japanese knotweed removal company in Newport

There’s no doubt that it’s important to have a professional Japanese knotweed removal service that knows what it is doing. Finding a company to do the work that you can trust can be challenging. Some Japanese knotweed removal companies only solve the above-ground problem and don’t tackle the roots.

We’re Japanese knotweed removal contractors who provide a full plan to get rid of this troublesome plant from your property. For good.

We’re Environet and we’re one of the most respected Japanese knotweed services in Newport. We’re so sure of our service that we provide a 10-year insurance guarantee for our domestic and commercial customers.

We closely follow current environment agency guidelines for the removal of Japanese knotweed. That means we get rid of both the surface plant and the roots. If you need a knotweed company that offers a full guarantee, contact us today.

knotweed in flower

We offer guaranteed Japanese knotweed treatment in Newport

Any Japanese knotweed treatment must be effective if regrowth is prevented. While the best time to treat Japanese knotweed is when it is first noticed, this is sometimes not possible.

Our Japanese knotweed treatment plan is designed to fully remove this invasive plant from your property. We’re so sure we can deliver that we offer all our customers a 10-year insurance guarantee.

Any Japanese knotweed chemical treatment should ideally be applied by an expert who has been properly trained. We’ll explore the extent of the infestation on your Newport property and make an experienced calculation of what needs to be done. Our main aim at Environet is to make sure that you don’t have to worry that your knotweed herbicide treatment hasn’t worked.

Japanese knotweed growing on path

Japanese knotweed control in Newport

Newport is typical of many parts of the UK when it comes to the fight against knotweed infestation. Check out the map below and you’ll quickly see all the areas where there have been reports made in recent months.

Processes like herbicide knotweed control in lawns is vital for urban areas like Newport. Our Japanese knotweed chemical control is usually carried out once the area has been fully assessed.

Environet have provided Japanese knotweed control services to many businesses and homes in Newport in the last few years and we’re confident on our ability to get rid of this weed.

Japanese knotweed rhizome removal

Japanese knotweed removal near me

Some people attempt DIY Japanese knotweed removal only to find the infestation gaining ground again after a short time. That’s because the deep down roots are not destroyed and the knotweed recovers.

We always recommend professional Japanese knotweed removal when it is spotted and so does the environment agency. At Environet, we can offer our professional guarantee and our Japanese knotweed removal prices are some of the most competitive in Newport.

We’ll fully survey your infestation and put the right plan in place. Our commercial Japanese knotweed is also important for businesses that may be liable for damage to other properties if they have a knotweed problem.

A close up of Newport on Environet's exposed Japanese knotweed heatmap

Japanese knotweed in Newport

How widespread is Japanese knotweed in Newport?

As with many city areas, Newport has seen its fair share of Japanese knotweed in recent years. If you want to understand the extent of the issue, check out our interactive Japanese knotweed UK heat map.

Japanese knotweed is a fast-growing plant and it thrives in city areas like Newport. It can quickly spread from one neighbourhood to another and grows in practically any soil conditions, all of which quickly magnifies the problem locally.

Spotting knotweed can be an issue as most people don’t know what it looks like. A professional knotweed removal service like Environet will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and put the right plan in place before things get worse.

Commercial Japanese knotweed removal in Newport

Environet is a local Newport company that has a great reputation for working closely with businesses of all types. If you find you have a problem with Japanese knotweed it can be more than just a headache – it can actually cost you money.

Whether you’re a bar or hotel, a construction company that needs to clear wasteland or a shopping precinct, we’re here to help with a quality commercial Japanese knotweed removal service that gets the job done quickly

All our commercial customers, just like our domestic ones, get our 10-year guarantee that the infestation won’t recur. That’s because we’re confident in our processes and the solutions we employ.

If you are searching for a commercial knotweed removal company you can trust, contact Environet today.

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