Japanese knotweed removal in the Reading area

Want to get rid of your Japanese knotweed problem once and for all? This invasive plant is an all too common issue for residential and commercial properties in Reading. Environet has 20 years’ experience helping fully remove Japanese knotweed from hundreds of properties in the region

Environet are a leading Japanese knotweed removal company in Reading

This is an invasive and damaging weed that will cause major issues for building infrastructure if not removed. It’s important, therefore, to consider professional knotweed removal and to choose a company that has a proven track record in this area.

There are a number of Japanese knotweed removal companies in Reading and the rest of the UK that merely clear the growth above the soil and neglect the removal of deep roots. The issue here is that Japanese knotweed can very quickly recover from just a few roots and begin to cause a problem again.

We are Japanese knotweed removal contractors that work with both residential and commercial property owners to ensure the full extent of the problem is tackled. That means you can be sure when choosing Environet that your knotweed issue has been solved.

To back this up, we offer a 10-year insurance guarantee for Japanese knotweed removal to all our customers in Reading. All our work is carried out following environment agency guidelines, using the latest physical and chemical knotweed removal techniques that ensure the deep-seated roots of your infestation are destroyed.

If you are searching for a Japanese knotweed removal company that backs its work with a firm guarantee, contact the team at Environet today.

knotweed in the countryside

We offer guaranteed Japanese knotweed treatment in Reading

The Japanese knotweed treatment you choose for your home or business property needs to be effective. You want to be sure that it’s not going to recur and cause damage to infrastructure or spread to your neighbours.

The best time to treat Japanese knotweed is as soon as it’s discovered in your garden or grounds. Leaving this invasive weed to grow and take hold is not a good option. It’s important to get professional advice on what to do next from the experts.

We offer a tailored Japanese knotweed treatment plan which comes with a 10-year insurance guarantee. We deliver this for our customers because we have a high degree of confidence that we will destroy the deepest roots and prevent your infestation reappearing.

Part of our process includes Japanese knotweed chemical treatment, something that really needs to be applied by a specialist with the appropriate training. Our team has over 20 years’ experience delivering solutions for invasive non-native species such as knotweed.

We used our knotweed herbicide treatment in a wide range of residential and commercial properties in Reading and have an excellent success rate. The backing with our 10-year guarantee means you can have complete peace of mind once our team has carried out its work.

knotweed emerging on drive

Japanese knotweed control in Reading

Reading is not the only area in the UK that has a challenge with Japanese knotweed control. You can clearly see how big an issue this is by checking out our interactive heat map below. It’s important to take a strategic approach to removing this invasive weed and methods can include using digging to remove the roots as well as knotweed biological control.

Over the last 20 years’, Environet have stayed at the cutting edge of Japanese knotweed control methods. Our herbicide knotweed control in lawns has been particularly effective, especially when intervention is undertaken at the earliest opportunity. Our Japanese knotweed chemical control is there to ensure further regrowth does not occur and your property is completely cleared.

Across Reading and the surrounding region, we’ve supplied our guaranteed service to hundreds of residential properties and businesses. If you have spotted Japanese knotweed on your property, it’s vital to contact the expert Environet team immediately.

Japanese knotweed rhizome removal

Japanese knotweed removal near me

For many people, the first instinct is to try DIY Japanese knotweed removal. The reason this is not sanctioned by the environment agency is that it’s difficult to eradicate the plant without the right tools.

It’s much more cost-effective and will save you a lot of time and effort to use a professional Japanese knotweed removal service. Our experienced teams will be able to assess the extent of your problem and put the right strategy in place for dealing with it.

Our Japanese knotweed removal price is also one of the most competitive on the market today. When dealing with commercial Japanese knotweed removal, in particular, we are able to provide a tailored approach that meets your business needs.

close up of Reading on Environet's Exposed Japanese knotweed heatmap

Japanese knotweed in Reading

Unfortunately, Japanese knotweed in Reading is a significant problem. There have been a number of reports of infestations as you can tell by our Japanese knotweed UK heat map.

The major problem is that many people don’t know what Japanese knotweed looks like and it’s not until the infestation gets out of control that they realise there is a problem. It grows quickly and, if it gets into building infrastructure, can cause severe damage.

The longer a knotweed problem is left, the deeper the roots can reach and the more difficult it becomes to remove. A professional knotweed removal service should ensure that you can successfully get rid of this invasive plant.

Commercial Japanese knotweed removal in Reading

If you want to ensure that your business avoids damage and potential legal action, it’s important to get a team of commercial Japanese knotweed experts in as soon as possible. You are liable for getting rid of the infestation and failure to do so can cause problems, particularly if your knotweed problem spreads to neighbouring businesses.

All commercial Japanese knotweed removal involves using a specialist service so it’s vital to call in a company that not only delivers the right solutions but also offers guarantees for their work. You might be a construction company looking to clear new build ground or a general business with garden space.

The one thing you shouldn’t do is ignore your Japanese knotweed problem. If your home or business in Reading requires a Japanese knotweed removal service, contact the experts at Environet today.

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