Environet are a Leading Japanese Knotweed Removal Company in Swansea

There’s no doubt that using professional Japanese knotweed removal services is vital for getting rid of this invasive plant. The trouble is that many so-called Japanese knotweed removal companies only deal with the problem above ground.

That means your infestation can quickly come back. We’re the Japanese knotweed removal contractors who look to remove the full plant and make sure it doesn’t regrow.

Our Japanese knotweed services are provided across Swansea for both businesses and homes. We’re so confident that we can deal with your problem that we offer a full 10-year insurance guarantee on any work carried out. All our teams operate to environment agency guidelines for the removal of Japanese knotweed.

If you are searching for a knotweed company that offers a full guarantee, contact us today.


We Offer Guaranteed Japanese Knotweed Treatment in Swansea

After you have a Japanese knotweed treatment, the last thing you want is for the infestation to come back within a few short months. The best time to treat Japanese knotweed is when you first see it on your property.

Even with deeply embedded infestations, however, our Japanese knotweed treatment plan works and that’s why we include our 10-year insurance guarantee for all customers.

All our teams are specially trained to apply our Japanese knotweed chemical treatment safely. We take the time to investigate the extent of the infestation on your Swansea property and use the appropriate control and eradication methods.

Our knotweed herbicide treatment has been used highly successfully for homes and commercial properties across Swansea. Backed with our guarantee, you can be sure of complete peace of mind.


Trust Us to Get the Job Done.

Our Japanese Knotweed Removal Work Comes with a 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

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Japanese Knotweed Control in Swansea

  We asked Environet to eradicate some Japanese knotweed found in the garden of our new home in Wimbledon in 2005. They undertook the work very professionally to the promised timescale and the knotweed has not yet returned. 

Andrew Croker, Home Owner - SW London

Controlling and getting rid of knotweed has been a huge problem in areas like Swansea in recent years as well as in the rest of the UK. Simply check out the heat map on this page and you’ll quickly see the extent of the issue.

We are specialists in herbicide knotweed control in lawns and understand that using the right approach is vital for getting rid of this weed. Japanese knotweed chemical control needs to be applied by safely someone with the appropriate training or you end up with the plant quickly returning.

We’ve helped many homes and businesses across Swansea and deliver high-quality Japanese knotweed control that really works.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Near Me

Yes, it’s tempting to try some DIY Japanese knotweed removal but it’s something that’s not advised by the environment agency. The trouble is most people don’t understand that you need to get rid of those deep down roots and that can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment.

Professional Japanese knotweed removal not only delivers everything you need, with Environet it comes with a cast-iron guarantee. Our Japanese knotweed removal price is also one of the most competitive on the market place.

Effective commercial Japanese knotweed removal will ensure there is no to future damage to your property or surrounding areas. That’s why it’s vital to first choose your removal company very carefully.

Japanese Knotweed in Swansea

Map of Japanese knotweed in Swansea

How prevalent is Japanese knotweed in Swansea?

Like most city areas, Swansea is ideal for a plant like this. Simply check our Japanese knotweed UK heat map and you’ll see how widespread the problem is. Knotweed grows quickly and can gain a foothold in almost any type of soil or location.

It’s one of the hardiest plants on the planet! Most people don’t know what to look for which can mean the Japanese knotweed has become embedded by the time something gets done. When this happens a professional knotweed removal service is vital.

Hiring Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal in Swansea

We work with a wide range of businesses across Swansea. It’s safe to say that if you find Japanese knotweed has taken a hold on your property it can cause major problems, not least because you are liable for its hasty removal.

Over the years, we’ve provided our commercial Japanese knotweed removal services for bars and hotels, construction and development companies, retail stores, in the centre of town and on industrial estates. Our professional team are happy to go anywhere in Swansea where Japanese knotweed is found.

Whether you are a construction firm that needs waste ground clearing and made safe to build on, a retail store that is fighting a losing battle with this invasive weed or a hotel owner who has noticed major issues, hiring our Japanese knotweed removal service makes sense.

With our 10-year insurance guarantee, you can be sure you are getting a Japanese knotweed removal company that knows what it’s doing. We offer peace of mind so you can get on with your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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