Japanese knotweed removal in the Swindon area

If you have spotted a Japanese knotweed problem at your Swindon home or business, it’s important to do something about it sooner rather than later. Environet are the Japanese knotweed removal specialists who can completely clear this invasive weed from your property

Environet are a leading Japanese knotweed removal company in Swindon

Professional Japanese knotweed removal companies play an important role in treating and removing this invasive weed. Once it has got hold, it can cause structural damage to any property. If the weed spreads, it may also cause significant damage to neighbouring properties.

Japanese knotweed removal contractors will often deal with the above soil problem when it comes to this plant but fail to tackle the roots and bulbs underneath the ground. These are just as important because leaving them means the knotweed soon recovers and becomes a problem again.

At Environet, we have a track record for effective removal and treatment both above and below ground. We’re a highly experienced Japanese knotweed removal company that follows current environment agency guidelines. We provide our Japanese knotweed removal services throughout Swindon and the surrounding area.

We provide that service in line with current environment agency guidelines, first tackling the surface plant and then using a mix of chemical treatment and digging to get rid of the deep-down roots.

If you are a business or homeowner and are searching for the best Japanese knotweed company in Swindon, contact Environet today to find out how we can help.

knotweed in the countryside

We offer guaranteed Japanese knotweed treatment in Swindon

If you are spending money on a Japanese knotweed treatment for your property, you want to make sure it really works. The best time to deal with Japanese knotweed is as soon as you notice it in your garden or grounds.

Our full Japanese knotweed treatment plan is supported by a 10-year insurance guarantee. Our aim is to give you the complete peace of mind that you are looking for so you can be confident there is going to be no regrowth.

You need a specialist when if you are using a Japanese knotweed chemical treatment. Our highly qualified team are not only fully trained in dealing with this invasive plant but they also pay serious attention to health and safety.

Our knotweed herbicide treatment is one of the best for helping to get rid of this weed and has been used extensively across Swindon.

knotweed removal team with excavator

Japanese knotweed control in Swindon

You probably won’t be too surprised to learn that Swindon isn’t the only city in the UK that has a problem with Japanese knotweed control. It’s a hugely invasive plant in the UK and the problem has gotten worse over the last few decades.

Removal not only involves Japanese knotweed biological control but extensive digging where possible to remove the plant below ground.

Our specialist herbicide knotweed control of lawns is an important part of our service and the earlier we can intervene and treat any give area of land, the better. Japanese knotweed chemical control is always evolving, particularly with the rising problem that this plant presents.

We specialise in providing a wide range of Japanese knotweed control for both businesses and homeowners across Swindon.

Japanese knotweed plant growing though walls

Japanese knotweed removal near me

Many of our customers have already tried DIY Japanese knotweed removal before they finally call us. While we understand this, the environment agency actually advises against it. That’s mainly because this is a plant that is quite difficult to remove completely without the right equipment and specialist knowledge.

The Japanese knotweed removal price that we charge at Environet is one of the most competitive on the market today. It’s why many people call us for a quote and assessment before other companies operating in the Swindon area.

If you are a business owner there are additional factors to think about. A commercial Japanese knotweed removal company should act quickly and make sure that the weed doesn’t spread to surrounding properties, something that can lead to extra cost and even litigation in some cases.

close up of Swindon on Environet's Exposed Japanese knotweed heatmap

Japanese knotweed in Swindon

The best way to see what a problem Japanese knotweed is in Swindon is to check our heat map. Cities and busy towns across the UK are more prone to Japanese knotweed because of the proximity of properties.

It’s fairly easy for Japanese knotweed to spread quickly and once those roots grow deep into the soil it can be very difficult to get rid of. We believe our professional Japanese knotweed removal service is one of the best in the region. If you live in the Swindon area and have a knotweed problem, it makes sense to give Environet a call.

Hiring commercial Japanese knotweed removal in Swindon

We take a lot of pride at Environet in the service we deliver for commercial enterprises around Swindon. Whether you are a construction company that is looking to clear a development site, a shop, office or retail store or restaurant, our commercial Japanese knotweed removal is the service you need right now.

Businesses can be liable for prosecution if they discover a Japanese knotweed problem and fail to do something about it. This invasive weed can quickly spread and has the potential to cause damage to surrounding properties.

Our commercial Japanese knotweed removal can be tailored so that you get the full service that you actually need. Backed with our 10-year insurance guarantee, you can be confident that you have done all you can to get rid of your knotweed problem and have complete peace of mind.

Over the years, our team at Environet has helped a large number of homeowners and businesses across Swindon to get rid of their Japanese knotweed problem.

If you live or work in Swindon and require the services of a Japanese knotweed removal company you can 100% rely on, contact the knotweed professionals at Environet for a free assessment and quote.

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