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Professional Japanese knotweed removal is essential if you want to make sure you get rid of this invasive plant entirely. The trouble with many Japanese knotweed removal companies is that they tackle the above-ground plant but fail to deal with the roots.

What then happens is the knotweed begins to grow again and you soon find yourself back at the beginning with an infestation to cope with. We are a much-respected team of Japanese knotweed removal contractors operating in Wolverhampton who can ensure that we get rid of this invasive plant properly.

We’re so confident about the service we deliver that we provide a 10-year insurance guarantee for all homeowners and commercial properties. We provide the full range of Japanese knotweed services in Wolverhampton, assessing and identify the extent of your problem and putting in a place a proper plan.

We approach the removal of Japanese knotweed from the perspective of current environment agency guidelines. That certainly means not just tackling the above-ground problem but ensuring there is no root regrowth either.

If want to hire the best Japanese knotweed company in Wolverhampton, one offering a full guarantee for any work carried out, contact Environet today.

We Offer Guaranteed Japanese Knotweed Treatment in Wolverhampton

When you have it confirmed that there is a problem, you want any Japanese knotweed treatment to work properly. The last thing you want is for regrowth to occur. Of course, the best moment to treat Japanese knotweed is when it first starts to appear. This is not always possible which is why a professional team is needed to tackle root growth.

We use a range of methods including chemical control and digging which is why we are able to offer our industry-standard 10-year guarantee. We offer this to all our customers in Wolverhampton, whether they home or business owners. It’s designed to give you complete peace of mind that your Japanese knotweed chemical treatment has been successful.

Any knotweed herbicide treatment needs to be administered by a professional and properly trained team. At Environet, we ensure all our Wolverhampton customers have the right tools and an effective plan is put in place to tackle any Japanese knotweed problem.

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Our Japanese Knotweed Removal Work Comes with a 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

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Japanese Knotweed Control in Wolverhampton

  We asked Environet to eradicate some Japanese knotweed found in the garden of our new home in Wimbledon in 2005. They undertook the work very professionally to the promised timescale and the knotweed has not yet returned. 

Andrew Croker, Home Owner - SW London

Many people are pretty surprised at the extent of the Japanese knotweed problem in places like Wolverhampton and the rest of the UK. The heat map below shows the true extent of the problem. Opting for digging and knotweed biological control is the most sensible option if you are diagnosed with an infestation like this.

Japanese knotweed control methods are dictated by the environment agency who have put a lot of work and research into tackling this kind of problem. Companies like Environet make sure that their herbicide knotweed control of lawns, for example, follow all current guidelines.

In general, Japanese knotweed chemical control is performed it two stages, getting rid of the initial growth and then ensuring that it doesn’t come back by tackling the roots.

We have worked with many homeowners and commercial premises in Wolverhampton to provide comprehensive Japanese knotweed control. Our many satisfied customers appreciate the time we take to put the right plan in place, clearing all the weed and ensuring that regrowth does not occur.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Near Me

Both domestic and commercial property owners usually try some DIY Japanese knotweed removal first. This is perfectly understandable but usually fails because people don’t understand how difficult it is to get rid of the deeper roots. It’s not long before the infestation returns and it’s usually then that customer contact Environet.

Professional Japanese knotweed removal is, in the long run, the most cost-effective way to get rid of this plant. Our Japanese knotweed removal price is one of the most competitive on the market and can be tailored to your individual needs. Our priority, however, is to ensure we stop your Japanese knotweed problem in its tracks.

Hiring a commercial Japanese knotweed removal company that understands what needs to be done is essential. If you have a commercial property, you could be liable for fines and compensation claims if damage to infrastructure is caused.

Japanese Knotweed in Wolverhampton

Map of Japanese knotweed in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton has seen a high number of reports of Japanese knotweed in recent years.

Take a look at our Japanese knotweed UK heat map and you’ll quickly spot the extent of the problem. In most busy urban areas, Japanese knotweed spreads quickly unless it is properly controlled and destroyed.

Areas such Wolverhampton are home to thousands of businesses and domestic properties. The problem is that most people aren’t on the lookout for Japanese knotweed and most don’t know what it is. It’s only when the plant has established itself and is so difficult to get rid off that they understand its invasive nature.

A professional knotweed removal service is the surest way to tackle the problem.

Hiring Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal in Wolverhampton

Commercial Japanese knotweed removal is a specialist service that requires planning a comprehensive approach. If knotweed gets into infrastructure and starts damaging buildings, it can all come with a huge cost, not only in repairs but fines and claims for compensation from third parties.

At Environet, we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses over the years including construction companies and developers, local businesses such as bars, restaurants and retail stores, as well as offices and industrial complexes.

Our team has a proven track record in Wolverhampton helping businesses of all types clear away Japanese knotweed infestations. Backed by our 10-year guarantee, you can be sure your commercial enterprise is being protected and that any infestation is not likely to return.

If you are a business in the Wolverhampton area or a homeowner and need a Japanese knotweed removal company that has all the right tools to solve your problem, contact the professional team at Environet today.

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