Japanese Knotweed Pictures

Pictures of Japanese knotweed in all kinds of locations.

Quick Facts

  • Japanese knotweed is visible above ground between March and November
  • Japanese knotweed can grow at a rate of 10cm a day in spring
  • The most distinctive part of Japanese knotweed is the shield shape leaves
  • Japanese knotweed dies back in winter, making it harder to spot.

Beware, knotweed rhizome may be dormant and hidden. See our “Detection Dogs in Action” to learn how our canine detection team can sniff out Japanese knotweed even where not visible to the human eye.

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Japanese Knotweed removal pictures
Japanese knotweed pictures of multiple plants
Pictures of Japanese knotweed plants growing


Japanese Knotweed pictures before the removal process
Japanese Knotweed pictures showing the damage and effects
Pictures of Japanese knotweed growth


Japanese Knotweed flowers pictures
Pictures of Japanese knotweed casusing damage
Pictures of Japanese Knotweed showing the features for identification


Japanese Knotweed pictures for identification
knotweed flowers site
knotweed flowers garden


winter canes
Japanese Knotweed winter
japanese knotweed crown


bonsai growth
canes and rhizomes


Japanese Knotweed commercial pictures
Pictures of structural damage caused by Japanese knotweed
Pictures of Japanese Knotweed growth


Japanese knotweed pictures showing damaged caused
Front door with Japanese Knotweed
knotweed decking