Japanese knotweed is relatively easy to identify, once you know what the characteristics are. There are however lots of plants that share similar characteristics, especially those in the same family.

If the plant you are looking at doesn't look exactly like the ones on our Japanese knotweed identification page, then take a look at the images below and see if you can find a match.

If you are still unsure, we offer a Japanese knotweed identification service. Email your photos to expert@environetuk.com and we'll tell you if Japanese knotweed is present.

This is a free service. However, if you would like to make a small donation to a worthy charity via JustGiving that would be appreciated.

Red Bistort Persicaria Amplexicaulis


Red Dragon Persicaria Microcephala
Giant Fleece Flower Persicaria Polymorpha
Giant Fleece Flower Persicaria Polymorpha


Chameleon plant Houttuynia Cordata
Russian Vine Fallopia Baldschuanica
Redshank Persicaria Maculosa