Japanese knotweed new growth

Coventry Observer - Invader Knotweed Menace may Return

Published on Thursday 7th April 2016 in the Coventry Observer.

This article warns residents of Coventry to be aware of Japanese knotweed, now the growing season has started. 

Coventry City Council has issued ASBOs in the past to landowners because they have allowed Japanese knotweed to spread. 

It is advised that residents deal with Japanese knotweed as soon as possible, by informing neighbours of the problem. Knotweed has been known to devalue house values, by as much as 50%. 

Japanese knotweed growing in multiple gardens

House Prices Affected by Japanese Knotweed

“House value halved due to presence of Japanese knotweed”.

There are many stories in the press, with similar headlines, that state Japanese knotweed is causing house values to be slashed by as much as a half.  Most recently, a property in Woolston Park in Cheshire claimed a potential £30,000 loss due to the presence of knotweed.