RemovingJapanese knotweed from a construction site

Environet will be exhibiting at the CIOB’s leading industry event – International Inspiring Construction

On Tuesday 24th November at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster, Environet will be exhibiting on Stand 10.

This is part of the ‘International Inspiring Construction’ conference.

The conference will focus on the opportunities for UK construction companies and professionals in Europe, smart cities and the highly digitized future facing construction professionals, sustainability, delivering a first class construction for the future and where the UK excels.

Japanese knotweed in the winter - dead canes

Japanese knotweed growing season ends as winter approaches

It is that time of year again when Japanese knotweed is dying away ready to spread its damage again in the spring.

Although still standing the bamboo-like canes will soon be brown, brittle and inert eventually decomposing over time. However, the rhizome system beneath the ground is still very much alive, waiting to emerge, bigger and stronger, with new shoots next March and April.

Eco Innovation Awards Scheme

Environet launches 'Schools Eco-Innovation Awards Scheme'

We are delighted to launch the new Environet ' Schools Eco-Innovation Awards' Scheme, supported by Kevin McCloud, MBE.

We have sponsored this scheme to encourage children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties to identify a problem and come up with an innovative design solution which improves the environment. The scheme is being piloted at The Moat School, London and will be extended to other schools across the country.

Xtract Version 3 for Japanese knotweed removal

Environet launches third enhanced version of its Xtract™ machine for rapid removal of Japanese knotweed

Environet has enhanced their patented Xtract™ machine.

We have launched the third version, ensuring the rapid and reliable removal of Japanese knotweed from development and construction sites. This new machine substantially increases operational capabilities, reduces on site set up time and increases the process flow rate.

Japanese Knotweed insurance

Insurance Market to Cover Japanese Knotweed

It's taken many years for the insurance market to wake up to the problem of Japanese knotweed. A few years ago you couldn't get any cover for Japanese knotweed, the risk remaining fair and square with the property owner, to pay for the costs of treatment, for any claims made against them from aggrieved neighbours being the victims of encroachment, and for repairs to damage caused to property.