Japanese knotweed growing through a garden fence.

Thank You for Your Generosity – Environet JustGiving Target Beaten!

And to carry on the good work we have increased the figure for this year!

Environet supply, free of charge, our Japanese knotweed identification service as the plant can be notoriously tricky to identify.

The process is simple – If you think you have Japanese knotweed simply take a picture and email it to us at expert@environetuk.com and once received one of our experts will examine the picture for you and let you know if it contains the dreaded knotweed!

Japanese knotweed identification help

Support our Chosen Charities with Japanese Knotweed Identification

Japanese knotweed is the UK’s most aggressive and invasive plant, however it can be tricky to identify.

Commonly confused for plants such as Russian vine and bamboo, knotweed wreaks havoc when it comes to buying or selling a property, and can create issues between neighbours. It is especially hard to identify over the winter, as the knotweed lies dormant waiting to re-emerge in the spring.