Resi-Dig-Out™, Bath

In the autumn of 2015, Environet were commissioned to help secure the sale of a grand 1920s house on the outskirts of Bath.  

Japanese knotweed was identified in a mature border within a few meters of the beautiful residence, causing the lender to withdraw finance in the final stages of the sale.  The purchaser had already sold their property, and with a moving date set, were facing a stretch in a B&B and a hefty storage bill if the knotweed could not be dealt with rapidly. 

After several hours spent convincing the lender that Japanese knotweed was not a reason to decline the mortgage application, they agreed to lend, but stipulated that the knotweed had to be physically removed with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee covering the entire 4 acre site in place before completion of the sale.  

Environet were able to mobilise quickly, and despite having to remove trees, get a mains power supply relocated and deal with heavy clay pan, a Resi-Dig-Out™ was completed in a matter of a few days.  Only hours after the work was finished, contracts were exchanged, and the house sale was completed successfully.